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  • Americas (AMRO)

    September 21, 2023

    Over a third of Team Rubicon’s international operations have been in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region facing real challenges in mitigating hazards like hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • South Branch

    September 21, 2023

    The South is prone to all kinds of devastating disasters but especially hurricanes. It’s also home to some of the country’s most at-risk communities.

  • West Branch

    September 21, 2023

    The West Branch is Team Rubicon’s largest and, in some ways, most demanding region. Stretching across 15 U.S. states and three Pacific territories, the West is home to diverse people and equally diverse terrains—from jungles and deserts to tundras and peaks.

  • North Branch

    September 19, 2023

    Covering a massive, demographically diverse swath of the continental U.S. (plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), the North Branch is as hazard-prone as they come.