Rebuilding for More Resilient Tomorrows.

Disasters don’t end when the skies clear. It’s after the storm when many communities need the most support to build back stronger and more prepared to weather future storms.

We’re Here for the Long Haul.

Beneath the rubble, debris, and dirt lies a more resilient community working hard to recover. Our job is to clear the crap and begin to rebuild. Doing so requires service beyond basic home building. Over the long term, we see to it that crisis-stricken communities come back stronger than ever—without paying a penny for it.

  • Local-First.

    We work with local organizations and town officials to identify vulnerable neighborhoods within the community.

  • Need-Based.

    We seek out those least likely to recover on their own, weighing factors like geotechnology, historic data, and the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index when qualifying homeowners for our free Rebuild program.

  • Resiliency-Focused.

    We use the most resilient building materials and practices, and are the only NGO to have achieved FORTIFIED Gold with a retrofit build.

Safer Homes to Welcome Families Back Into. 

To repair or rebuild—this is always a consideration, and we choose the best solution based on the building in front of us. We remain intentionally flexible with our Rebuild services, so we can meet families where they are and offer what they need. 

Sometimes, we perform exhaustive repairs on roofs and other major structures, and can usher families back into their homes more quickly. Other times, we perform complete rebuilds of devastated homes to ensure a finished structure that can weather storms to come. Each program is developed based on that community and the homeowner’s needs.

When we’re ready to rally the team, we first turn to local contractors, material suppliers, and volunteers before calling in reinforcements from nearby regions. 

128 houses rebuilt in the wake of Hurricane Harvey—and we’re still building

500 roofs completed and 3 homes rebuilt in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

38 homes repaired and 2 new homes built in Collier County, FL, after Hurricane Irma

Rebuilding More than Structures.

We show up for the communities that need our help the most so that common obstacles—lack of insurance, insufficient funding, sparse media attention, or otherwise—don’t stand in the way of rehabilitation. We assess eligibility according to income, vulnerability, housing type, geography, and other factors that can weaken resiliency to ensure we’re lifting up entire communities, not just beams and rafters.

“It would take a million times to say thank you to Team Rubicon for rebuilding my home. Words really can’t explain how I feel. I can’t say enough to express how appreciative I am.”
Barbara, Selma Rebuild client

A Rebuild Team with Grit and Compassion to Boot.

The badasses on our Rebuild operations are tough as nails and kind as hell. Not only are they experts at building homes from dusk to dawn, but they also care compassionately for the clients they help, the community leaders they work with, and the local contractors on-site.

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