Regional Hub

Americas (AMRO)

Primary Hazard Types

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hurricane
Over a third of Team Rubicon’s international operations have been in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region facing real challenges in mitigating hazards like hurricanes and earthquakes. Developing long-term relationships with local communities and those who serve them is key to supporting these communities in reducing their vulnerability to disaster and bolstering their capacity.

We’ve been building relationships and trust with local populations for years by responding to active disasters, like earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Ecuador, with Emergency Medical Teams. But these people need more than a response. In Guatemala, for example, Team Rubicon conducted a preliminary needs-assessment survey that led to multiple years of delivering primary clinical care to underserved rural communities there, generating more local partnerships and creating more opportunities to serve.

Being trusted by local partners on the ground in multiple countries, and among regional organizations, steered us toward participating in annual multinational humanitarian exercises in Guatemala and Honduras. Team Rubicon became the only nonprofit invited to participate in Panama’s 2023 Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America (CEPREDENAC) simulation.

Recent Operations in the Americas Region.

HazardOur RoleLocationStatusDates
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionColombiaCompleteAug, 2023
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionPanamaCompleteJune, 2023
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionGuatemalaCompleteMay-Aug, 2022
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionHondurasCompleteMay-June, 2022
EarthquakeResponseHaitiCompleteAug-Sept, 2021
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionGuatemalaCompleteJune-July, 2021
Infectious Disease OutbreakResponseMexicoCompleteFeb, May-June, 2021
HurricaneResponseHondurasCompleteNov-Dec, 2020
HurricaneResponseBahamasCompleteSept – Nov, 2019
Proactive InternationalDisaster Risk ReductionGuyanaCompleteJune, 2019
Team Rubicon uses WHO’s geographic organization and divides the world into six global regions

“Because of all you do, people in countries in need, like mine, can receive this kind of training and learn more about providing good quality medical service to people in need.”

Dr. Payan, Honduras

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