Domestic Operations

Team Rubicon, In A Community Near You.

You can find us in all 50 states. But our Greyshirts don’t just deploy across the country during times of crisis; they’re living, working, and volunteering locally in their communities, nationwide. Operationally, we’ve delineated three regional branches so that we can respond faster and more effectively to communities of all sizes.

This local-first, on-the-ground support is backed by our national Operational Support Branch—monitoring weather events, gathering data, and supporting deployments from a centralized vantage point—and our Training Team—upskilling our Greyshirts across the country.

Explore Our Branches.

Click a region on the map below to learn more about local operations, common disaster types, historic milestones, and recent responses within that operational branch.

We don’t just show up during grey skies.

We stick around after the storms clear to help affected communities come back stronger than before. Interested in learning more about our Rebuild program?