Join Our Team. Make an Impact.

Here at Team Rubicon, we hire people foolish enough to think they can change the world and smart enough to stand a chance.

So we don’t just ask you to enter the arena—you’re going to have to leap. Our bold, badass, ceaselessly compassionate staff will catch you when you do. For those ready to step up and step in, there are open positions to fill.

Regardless of the official job title, you’ll be applying to be a Greyshirt, too—the most important role in our organization, and the one that every member (staff or volunteer) embodies.

Who’s Teddy? Our Countless Audacious Employees.

Not like the bear. Like Teddy Roosevelt, who stood before a crowd in 1910 to demand more good from humanity. That’s the kind of tenacious team member we award The Teddy to each quarter: someone who steps up to a challenge—the way our Greyshirts Step Into the Arena—and commands it for the greater good.

Meet our most recent Teddy recipients.

Abe Mulberry.

Abe Mulberry

Abraham’s impressive and selfless work in the field and his support behind the scenes are vital to our ability to deploy effectively and efficiently in the future.


His passion for and dedication to Team Rubicon inspires us all.

Ember Munoz.

Ember Munoz

Ember is a tenacious and courageous Greyshirt and master of multiple TR positions.


During numerous recovery missions in Detroit, Ember spearheaded several successful operations while building a forever experience with the Ford Cares Foundation. Regardless of the challenges that arise, Ember exemplifies what a Greyshirt is: a tenacious individual who continuously kicks ass, maintains an unshakeable focus on the end goal, always finds creative solutions, and pushes through obstacles to achieve success.

Mary Campos-Falahee.

Mary Campos-Falahee

Mary’s exceptional kindness and unwavering commitment make her a standout Greyshirt; her enthusiasm for continuous learning and problem-solving is truly inspiring. Mary’s presence on the front lines, promptly addressing issues and providing support, showcases her as an invaluable asset to our team.


In a role where she interacts with the entire organization, Mary’s upbeat demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile make her the ideal Teddy recipient.

Careers at Team Rubicon