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West Branch

Primary Hazard Types

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Wildfire

Operation Stats

Value Label
165 Operations Complete
1 Operations Active
The West Branch is Team Rubicon’s largest and, in some ways, most demanding region. Stretching across 15 U.S. states and three Pacific territories, the West is home to diverse people and equally diverse terrains—from jungles and deserts to tundras and peaks.

And this varied geography brings the potential for equally varied disasters, too. The members of these communities come face to face with severe earthquakes, fires, landslides, and blizzards.

Many are familiar with high-profile events in this area. But many more feel the effects of low-attention disasters that camera crews often don’t cover: floods on Indian Reservations, typhoons on tropical islands, and storms in Alaska Native communities high in the Arctic. These are the people we support every day and the types of disasters that best exemplify how we serve in the West.

Due to the clear vulnerability in this region, we initially developed our fire mitigation capabilities in the West Branch and have been expanding them ever since to meet the growing needs of at-risk communities. In 2022, we added home fire risk assessments to our arsenal. These ongoing innovations have allowed us to serve the area in even more impactful ways, with particular emphasis on the before of “before, during, and after disasters.”

Operations in West Branch

Hazard Type Location Status Date
Wildfire Wailuku, HI Active Sep 2023 - Nov 2023
Wildfire Steamboat Springs, CO Completed Jul 2023 - Jul 2023
Flood Las Vegas, NM Completed Jul 2023 - Jul 2023
Wildfire Hoopa, CA Completed Jul 2023 - Jul 2023
Tornado Highlands Ranch, CO Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
Wildfire Colfax, CA Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
Wildfire Pine Mountain Club, CA Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
Wildfire Hot Sulphur Springs, CO Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
Wildfire Leavenworth, WA Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
Hurricane / Tropical Storm Tamuning, GU Completed Jun 2023 - Jun 2023