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About Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises.

Founded following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the organization has grown to more than 160,000 volunteers across the United States and has launched over 1,100 operations domestically and internationally.

To drive equity across disaster and humanitarian services, Team Rubicon focuses on three areas of impact: Disaster Response, from mitigation to immediate response and recovery; Rebuild, to maintain the fabric of communities through resilient building methods; and International, providing emergent and surge medical services, WASH, and disaster risk reduction.


  • A Greyshirt is a Team Rubicon volunteer, named after the grey T-shirt uniform worn by those in the field and in the office alike. Greyshirts make Team Rubicon’s mission possible.

  • Nope! While roughly 65% of our volunteer base consists of veterans and active-duty military, anyone is welcome to join the team—as long as you’re willing to serve those in need. We train and upskill our volunteers so they’re ready for whatever disaster or crisis the world delivers.

  • No, all Team Rubicon services are provided to homeowners and the community at no cost, supported by our generous donors, including corporations, foundations, and individuals across the country.

  • Team Rubicon assists communities across the globe before, during, and after disasters and humanitarian crises. That includes everything from mitigation efforts that curb the impact of wildfires and flooding to long-term rebuild and recovery projects for communities that need it.

    Beyond disasters, Team Rubicon assists those impacted by humanitarian crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

  • Yes, our International teams support in two distinct scenarios: in a planned and proactive capacity to actively mitigate a developing or future public health threat, or in a reactive setting to urgent and unmet needs, often in the wake of a disaster or crisis.

  • Disasters are increasing in frequency, intensity, and cost—and vulnerable communities with less access to resources are paying the price.

    To ensure our services are reaching the most at-risk and in-need communities, we use a mix of geotechnology platforms, historical data, and the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) to pinpoint where our capabilities will have the most impact.

    We work with community leaders, including elected officials, emergency managers, and local organizations to determine how to best assist survivors with unmet needs.

  • To join the Greyshirts at Team Rubicon, you can become a volunteer or donate to fuel the mission—or both.

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