Operation Update: Preparing for Multiple Hurricane Responses

As we move towards the end of September, the Hurricane season has only intensified. Despite the overwhelming number of storms spinning up, Team Rubicon remains vigilant, monitoring and maintaining our rebuild projects in Texas and Puerto Rico.


Team Rubicon’s southwest team has eyes on the Pacific, where Hurricane Olivia has recently downgraded to a tropical storm moving towards Hawaii. On the eastern side of the country, we’re keeping an eye on Tropical Storms Paul and Isaac. Team Rubicon remains at the ready as Hurricane Florence travels toward the Carolinas and Hurricane Helene forms in the Atlantic.


Volunteers are prepping tech kits in our USAA sponsored Logistics Hub in preparation for Hurricane Florence.


In preparation for Hurricane Florence, Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center (NOC) is holding regular planning calls and readying members across the southern part of the country. In order to respond as quickly as possible, we are pre-staging equipment and personnel outside of the forecasted affected areas. Specifically, we are pre-staging heavy equipment in Charlotte, NC. And one of Team Rubicon’s partners, Mission on Wheels, has also pre-staged three bunk trailers and a shower trailer in Kentucky. At our NOC and Atlanta logistics hubs, we’re readying our regional cache of equipment, which includes three disaster response trailers capable of outfitting up to 75 strike team members. This logistics hub is shared with our partner Toolbank Disaster Services.


The South Sugarloaf Fire occurred after a lightening strike struck in Mountain City, NV, on August 17. The fire rapidly spread across many acres damaging  public lands and campgrounds. Team Rubicon volunteers will provide sift and sort operations, debris removal and expedient home repair services to impacted communities.


In Hawaii, Team Rubicon volunteers are working alongside the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service to preserve the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. Hurricane Lane brought damage in the form of rain, wind, and flash flooding. Lane was the fourth major hurricane of the 2018 Pacific hurricane season.

In the Midwest, Tornadoes touched down in Wisconsin on August 28, taking out thousands of trees and impacting communities in Fond Du Lac, Dodge, and Sheboygan counties. Team Rubicon volunteers will conduct heavy equipment operations, debris management, and sawyer services.

Long-Term Recovery

Team Rubicon continues to charge forward with long-term recovery in Houston, Puerto Rico, and now Florida. In Houston, 11 homes have been rebuilt, six are under construction, and 28 are queued up. In Puerto Rico, 278 roofs have been restored putting 805 family members back in their homes.

Cohort 8 of TR’s Clay Hunt Fellows Program is getting ready to relocate to Florida to lead long-term recovery in Collier County. These Fellows will be putting residents back in their homes that were impacted by Hurricane Irma.


Know family or friends in the path of Hurricane Florence? Hotlines will be open within 24 hours of landfall.
Request assistance if needed by calling 1-
800-451-1954 or 828-222-3975. 


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