Clay Hunt (1982-2011)

“If I had one thing to say to my fellow veterans, it would be this: Continue to serve, even though we have taken off our uniforms. No matter how great or small your service is, it is desired and needed by the world we live in today. It doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that you are continuing to put others before yourself, just like you did when you were in the military. Actions like that are the only sure ways to bring about the positive social change that our country and our world need so badly these days.”

Applications open once a quarter. Please review the requirements in our FAQ’s section and apply!

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CHFP Components

Veteran Focused

Our Mission: The Clay Hunt Fellows Program equips the veteran with tools to redefine their purpose and self-identity to further support their life of service through a 6-month in-person / virtual curriculum of personal growth and self-discovery.

Core Values

CHFP has three core values for our fellows and the program: Commitment to growth, moral integrity, and servant leadership. Fellows must have a willingness to be vulnerable and embrace a growth mindset. To be stewards of Clay’s legacy by inspiring and supporting others while serving the broader community.

Base Camp Curriculum

During this program, fellows will complete a six-month Base Camp curriculum focused on personal growth and self-reflection. This is done through a weekly series of independent and group exercises to promote strengths discovery, self-awareness exploration. Upon completion, Fellows will be equipped to better lead in their communities and within Team Rubicon


During and after the fellowship, veterans will grow themselves to become more self-aware leaders, and have a team of fellow veterans along the way to support them. The ever-growing support system of Clay Hunt Fellows will support each other’s journey, where ever that might take them.

Clay's Story

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program is named in honor of Marine veteran, and original member of Team Rubicon, Clay Hunt.  Clay was one of the first to deploy to Haiti which the existence of Team Rubicon was born. He continued to serve others who needed help despite his inner struggle with PTS. Ultimately, took his own life in 2011. We honor him today through the Clay Hunt Fellows Program, a personal development and growth program for veterans. His dedication to service and helping others is a legacy we hope to promote within the veteran community. His fierce dedication to others has inspired a new generation of veterans to continue service and lead by example, through the Fellows Program.

Interested In The Program?

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CHFP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clay Hunt Fellows Program?

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program opens quarterly and equips the veteran with tools to redefine and refine their purpose and identity towards a life of continued service. Fellows will complete a six-month Base Camp curriculum focused on emotional intelligence through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Gallup StrengthsFinder assessments and exercises, Enneagram exploration, and YouSchool program completion with certified guides. This will be facilitated through weekly group discussions, reading, and self-paced assignments. Upon completion, Fellows will join an ever-growing alumni network and be better equipped to lead in their communities and within Team Rubicon.

What does base camp self-discovery mean?

Over the course of the six-month base camp curriculum, you will be guided through a series of programs and assessments which foster opportunities for you to explore yourself, who you are, and what you want to become - in addition to finding your true purpose. Assessments include The YouSchool, The Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder and Enneagram.

Who can apply?

Any U.S veteran with "other than honorable" discharge or higher. We also accept military personnel within 6 months of leaving active duty and those currently serving in a reserve/guard capacity. Applicants must be a deployable member of Team Rubicon. We are currently not accepting any international veterans at this time.

What is the structure and expectations of the program?

This all-virtual program is intentionally meant to be ambiguous and organic to get you comfortable with the unknown - with self-reflection. There will be weekly content to do independently as well as weekly group calls. Fellows are expected to commit about 15 hours a week during their 6 months. This program is intended for those that have a desire to grow and develop into their full potential. An ideal applicant has a willingness to be vulnerable, a commitment to better oneself and their surrounding community. There is an expectation of all fellows to be vulnerable and open with other members of the fellowship.

Who can write my Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

We prefer an LOR from a Team Rubicon member, but if needed, we will accept one from someone you’ve previously served or worked with, written within one year of applying. We ask applicants to provide an email for the person writing the letter. The team will reach out with a link for them to submit it directly. Alternatively, you can have the writer email it to us at [email protected]

What is the applications process like?

When applications close, there is a time period of about two months while the TR leadership reviews applications through 5 phases: Initial Screening, Alumni Peer Review, Selection for Interview, Video Interview and finally Selection Board. You will be notified via email and/or phone during the process and selection.

What can I do after the CHFP?

The Base Camp curriculum is intended to better equip you to lead a life of service out of uniform. After graduation, CHFP Cadre will continue to work with you to identify the next steps. Possible follow-on opportunities include careers in Emergency Management, Rebuild, construction, Team Rubicon internships, humanitarian or disaster recovery work. Additionally, the cadre will work to pair you with external organizations that best align with your goals. You will be part of the ever-growing Alumni community. There is where you will be able to continue to grow and support the fellowship through various activities and events.

Do I have to deploy on Ops?

Fellows are allowed to deploy on operations and funding will be provided to allow them to go but it is not required.

Do I have to be a volunteer leader to apply? What about my volunteer leadership position?

No, any veteran can apply. Many applicants apply while holding leadership roles within Team Rubicon, and we ask fellows accepted into the program to step down from those positions in order to focus on the CHFP. They can step back into the role after the fellowship.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have more questions!

How do I prepare for my application and interview

We suggest you watch a video on Clay’s story ( to understand the background of the program. Additionally, we suggest you attend one of our “Ask Me Anything” virtual calls that are hosted quarterly and can be found on the events page of your Roll Call account (hyperlink). If you would like to take a deeper dive into preparing, we are happy to connect you to one of many Clay Hunt Fellow Alumni, just email [email protected] to request a connection to a fellow

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