It’s time to rebuild

Following the generosity and support of the American people, Team Rubicon has the opportunity to extend its capabilities and services into long-term recovery (LTR) for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria. Over a 24-month timeline, Team Rubicon will run a new long-term recovery program to rebuild 100 homes affected by Harvey in Houston, 30 homes affected by Irma in Florida and a roof building program in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Piloting Our Recovery Model

The damage caused by Harvey was extensive and wide-reaching; estimates show more than 100,000 families were impacted by the hurricane. To that end, committing to rebuilding 100 homes may seem insignificant. Team Rubicon’s rebuilding efforts will focus on low to moderate-income families to make the greatest impact possible. Moreover it is important to note this is Team Rubicon’s first foray into long-term recovery, this effort, in partnership with SBP, will allow Team Rubicon and the Rebuild Fellows to carefully and quickly build and hone this new capability.

Proof in Results

Rebuild operations shifted from a pilot program to a full-fledged capability in mid-2018 after a successful launch in Houston. Collier County, FL is the next rebuild operation on the docket for Team Rubicon, with a commitment to rebuild 30 homes affected by Hurricane Irma.

How We’ll Get It Done

The pilot program in Houston will be led via a unique partnership with SBP, Cohorts 6 and 9 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program, and Team Rubicon staff, contractors, and volunteers. SBP will identify worksites, the CHFP Cohort will manage construction, and Team Rubicon greyshirts will apply the elbow grease.

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Puerto Rico Roof and Home Building

Team Rubicon is rebuilding in Puerto Rico with an approach to match the unique context of a post-Maria Puerto Rico. We hired local contractors to repair and replace roofs in some of the lowest income communities. We’ve also begun rebuilding homes in heavily-impacted communities in Puerto Rico.

By hiring local construction contractors, recovery is expedited for families, decreasing the amount of continual damage that occurs every time rainstorms pass through. Secondly, hiring local construction contractors through the generosity of our donors will not only address families’ recovery, but this approach will also put cash into Puerto Rico’s economy. Investing in the local economy is one of the points of consensus that emerged from the World Humanitarian Summit as a necessary shift in the broader humanitarian space.

Puerto Rico Rebuild

Rebuilding After Hurricane Maria

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Veterans team up to rebuild Houston homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey

In this installment, a small group of military veterans and several dedicated volunteers are helping to rebuild Houston, still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, one home at a time.

Still Serving

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Rebuild FAQs

How do I list my availability for rebuild?

Submit the Houston Rebuild availability form in Roll Call.

I don't have any carpentry experience. Can I still volunteer for rebuild?

Yes! If you are located within 450 miles of Houston, TR will get you up to speed on which end of the hammer to hold on to. Deployment waves for Greyshirts outside 450 miles without carpentry experience are being finalized.

Can I sign up for rebuild more than once?

Yes! Too easy...just fill out the Houston Rebuild availability form as your schedule allows.

Will my expenses be reimbursed?

No. Expenses (travel, mileage, meals, lodging, airport parking) will not be reimbursed for Rebuild.

Can anyone (even people outside of Team Rubicon) join the Houston Rebuild?

Yes! Anyone who is at least 18 and within 450 miles of Houston can submit their availability on the Houston Rebuild availability form.

Can I bring my under 18 year old child?

No, the job site is not kid friendly.

I signed up for Houston Rebuild. Does that mean I'm guaranteed to hit the field?

No. Registering for Houston Rebuild does not guarantee participation. Registered volunteers will be dispatched based on appropriate criteria, availability, and personnel needs for each day.

Do I need to take a week off work to volunteer?

Definitely not! If you're traveling in, longer is better, but we can accommodate volunteers who can only give one day of their time.