It’s time to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

Following the generosity and support of the American people, Team Rubicon has the opportunity to extend its capabilities and services into long-term recovery (LTR) for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Over a 24-month timeline, Team Rubicon will pilot a new long-term recovery program to rebuild 100 homes affected by Harvey.

Piloting Our Recovery Model

The damage caused by Harvey was extensive and wide-reaching; estimates show more than 100,000 families were impacted by the hurricane. To that end, committing to rebuilding 100 homes may seem insignificant. Team Rubicon’s rebuilding efforts will focus on low to moderate-income families to make the greatest impact possible. Moreover it is important to note this is Team Rubicon’s first foray into long-term recovery, this effort, in partnership with SBP, will allow Team Rubicon and the Rebuild Fellows to carefully and quickly build and hone this new capability.

How We’ll Get It Done


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