Team Rubicon, Now on Roku.

The Emmy-nominated Roku Original series Team Rubicon follows Greyshirts as they provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities across the country.

Join host Kevin O’Connor as he dons a grey shirt of his own and finds out firsthand what it means to support our neighbors in need. Over the course of 13 episodes and countless disasters, you’ll get an up-close look at what it takes to rally against the disastrous effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and more.

See what each episode is all about and start watching the full series today on The Roku Channel.


A Roku Original | Team Rubicon



Who We Are—Cameras On or Off.

We are Team Rubicon: a veteran-led humanitarian organization whose mission is to serve global communities affected by disasters and crises. We seek to strengthen vulnerable communities around the world, in order to better prepare them for the next disaster.

Our passionate and tenacious team includes military veterans, first responders, and volunteers from all walks of life, all united by the life purpose of fearlessly serving their fellow humans. We give our time, labor, and hearts to help rebuild and relieve when it’s needed most.

  • Support the Mission.

    If you’d like to give more than your word-of-mouth, donate to fund Team Rubicon’s critical work to support communities in crisis.

  • Become a Greyshirt.

    If you feel called to do even more, we’d be proud to have you join our ranks. Connect and commune with like-minded badasses as you work together to transform wreckage and change lives.

  • Share the Mission.

    The easiest way to support Team Rubicon is to share our story with friends, family, and maybe even strangers on the street.