Veterans, get your leadership and grit to the frontline

Join the mission and help vaccinate America starting with your community.

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Smooth operations = more vaccinations. That's where your skills come in.

With fellow veterans at your side, you'll again be serving your country. You'll leverage your unique skills, expertise, and experience, honed in military service to solve complex logistical and operational challenges of vaccination distribution.

Help vaccination sites operate at max efficiency

Where to go, what to do–veteran volunteers help vaccine seekers keep the lines moving. Assist with site coordination, logistics and planning, traffic direction, check-in and administration, and volunteer management.

Help set up and establish new vaccine sites nationwide

The need for more points of distribution has never been higher. Capable hands are needed in the establishing and manning of new vaccination sites.

Help vaccinate Americans

Those with medical qualifications can directly support and help administer vaccines to those in need.

The Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV) is reinforcing community vaccine sites nationwide

Join us at the tip of the spear. Don't sweat if there's not an event in your area immediately as hundreds of locations will be announced on a rolling basis. Double back here to check for updates in the weeks ahead.

Sign up as a volunteer through a partnering organization and serve with the VCV

A task this great needs the leadership of America's veterans. Joining the VCV means you're joining the fight against COVID-19 and ensuring equitable access to the vaccine across the country.

Let's get you on the roster. First, sign up as a volunteer with one of the partner organizations within the VCV listed below. From there, you're good to go and can register for a vaccination event.

No active events available at this time


Seven veteran organizations, one mission: vaccinate the U.S. against COVID-19

The VCV is turning vaccines into vaccinations nationwide. We're uniting and mobilizing our nation's veterans to ensure equitable access to vaccinations for all Americans, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic limitations.

Share the mission

Use the resources below to help spread awareness of the VCV's nationwide efforts.