What the Heck is a DA?

Marine veteran Mike Monroe lays out his job duties as Division 1 Administrator for Team Rubicon.

The guy ran harder. He had to get there. Something was pushing him. His heart was pounding out of his mildly well-sculpted chest. Onward he ran. The trees became less dense. The darkness gave way. He stumbled out of the darkness into a massive Times Square-like setting.

Standing there, panting, shaking from running so hard, wondering why he was in a loincloth, he looked up at the massive neon signs and around at all the people….Grey Shirts everywhere. TR logos everywhere. A giant Homer Simpson balloon floated overhead. He felt like everything and everyone was looking at him. And then, all at once a massive cacophony rose from the masses, “What the Heck is a DA?” reverberated in his ears so loud he fell over a nearby pretzel cart run by a guy wearing a leisure suit.

I shot up from my sleep in a cold sweat. Nightmare over. “Crap,” I said to myself. “Could it be true? People don’t even know what a DA is and if we even exist. Perhaps I should write a BLOG because that will be therapeutic and super helpful.”


Ever get that look like, “What is it you actually do here?” I know it well. Allow me to explain.

So, I hopped out of my heart-shaped water bed and ran over to my desk. Under candle light I pulled forth a quill and my most prized inkwell. So it began—I would apply my skills as a deep thinker and utilize my rapier-like wit to write something that would inform and delight the masses…but, after staring at my imported parchment paper for about 37 minutes, nothing happened.

In the end, I decided to just put a list together. Lists are easy to read and you can print them out and put them on your wall. Feel free to cut this list out and paste on your fridge.

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About DAs

  1. “DA” stands for Division Administrator.
  2. There are two DA’s in Team Rubicon.
  3. The DA’s were born in June of 2014 when TR decided there was a need for full-time positions to provide leadership and administrative support to the ten existing Regions.
  4. The mission of the Divisions is:
    With support from National, drive execution of program/field operations goals at the regional level, and deliver on fundraising and development goals as identified.
  5. Division 1 is based in the Washington DC area and is led by Mike Monroe (that’s me).
  6. Division 2 is based in Dallas and is led by Nicole Green. Nicole speaks Russian.
  7. Each DA handles five regions. DA1 handles Regions 1-5, DA2 handles Regions 6-10.
  8. DA’s report to the COO. Regional Administrators (RA’s) report to the DA’s.
  9. DA’s work with RA’s to ensure Regions have what they need to carry out the TR mission.
  10. DA’s work with National staff to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

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