Team Rubicon is a national organization and follows the same regional structure as FEMA.
Additionally, Regions I - V are grouped into Division 1 while Regions VI - X fall under Division 2.

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Region I : ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI

Team Rubicon Participates in Harvard's Humanitarian Simulation

Six Region I members – four veterans from three branches of service and two awesome civilians – ... Read More »

Big Dig, Bigger Hearts

They came armed with rakes, shovels, and a great attitude we won’t soon forget. For nearly thre... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Dana Braverman[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Joanne McGovern[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Dana Braverman[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Paul Maresca[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Alycia Martin[email protected]
Regional Training Manager John Conway[email protected]
Regional Give-An-Hour Representative Jennifer Lawrence[email protected]

Region II : NY, NJ

Bouncing Back with Purpose

Not too long ago I was downsized at my six-figure corporate job. A few months later, my wife of 21 y... Read More »

2016 New York City Salute to Service Awards

On Tuesday, April 12, Team Rubicon hosted the 2016 New York City Salute to Service Awards. It's a sp... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Jon Connors[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager KC Baney[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Lauren Vatier[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Todd Adrian[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Marc Denofio[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Janelle Gooley[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Pete Wawrzonek[email protected]
Regional Wellness Manager Lisa DelliCarpini[email protected]

Region III : DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

How We Met Nancy, Rescued from Her Attic in West Virginia

After deploying on Operation Pay Dirt, Irv Heide deployed to West Virginia to help salvage homes s... Read More »

We Get More Done Together

During my first response in Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina, I rarely saw organizations working to... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Amanda Burke[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager David Dodds[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Marc Hittle[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Lourdes Tiglao[email protected]
Regional Engagement Manager Gina Bartolomeo[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Heather Morgan[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Mike Short[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Jeffrey Knarr[email protected]
Regional Wellness Manager Michelle Ufner[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Pat Otten[email protected]

Region IV : FL, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY

Standing By in Mississippi

After more than 20 tornadoes touched down across several states in the South, Regions IV and VI con... Read More »

Our TRibe

Tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by s... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Joe Messere[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Michael Parham[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Jeremy Carter[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Reagan Gibbs[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Jim Laman[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Aaron Marshall[email protected]

Region V : MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH

Volunteers Share Experiences from Operation Dry Tears and a Burning Car Rescue

Casey Magoon and Matt Watson, two dedicated Team Rubicon members, were teamed up together on Operati... Read More »

Celebrating Greyshirt Success

There are a lot of Greyshirts out there balancing priorities - raising kids, giving back, pursui... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Mike Watkins[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Cort Beard[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Michelle Young[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Ashley Slover[email protected]
Regional Engagement Manager Jack Ginther[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Kyle Hall[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Nick Moeller[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Jamie Roberts[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Jim Flory[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Glen Hannaman[email protected]
Regional Wellness Manager Maureen McGinnis[email protected]

Region VI : TX, NM, OK, AR, LA

Update on Houston Flooding

Beginning April 17, a major storm system hit the state of Texas and severe flooding is affecting tho... Read More »

Update on Tornado Outbreak in the South

As a severe storm system makes its way across the eastern half of the country, Region VI is gatherin... Read More »

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Regional Administrator John Fisher[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Brian Brown[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Kaleb Euseppi[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Molly Gayden[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Christa Lopez [email protected]
Regional Engagement Manager Jeremiah Trombly[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager John DiToma[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager John New[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Steven Irey[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Jerritt Gideon[email protected]

Region VII : NE, IA, KS, MO

Jan. 17 Sit Rep

[caption id="attachment_10256" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Just before the weekend, Team Rubic... Read More »

Training Served Hot: MOBEX Trigger

When we're not responding to disasters, we're practicing, training, and fine-tuning, and we've got a... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Zachary Brooks-Miller[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Traci Rankin[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Jaime Habersat[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Christopher Ryan[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager April Blomgren[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Kyle Ulrey[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Jay Kurtz[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Carol McCoy[email protected]

Region VIII : MT, ND, SD, WY, UT, CO

Jan. 17 Sit Rep

[caption id="attachment_10256" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Just before the weekend, Team Rubic... Read More »

I Found Real Adventure Through Wildland Firefighting

Wildland firefighting is a real adventure. In a time where we can find the answer to anythi... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Jonas Reynolds[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Lisa LaDue[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Travis Harris[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Heather Carlson[email protected]
Regional Engagement Manager Duke Monk[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Eli Feret[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Norman Habersat[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Pat Lucas[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Holly Hellenschmidt[email protected]

Region IX : CA, NV, AZ, HI

Jan. 17 Sit Rep

[caption id="attachment_10256" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Just before the weekend, Team Rubic... Read More »

We Rise by Lifting Others

At the worst moment of your life when you aren’t sure how you’re going to get through today, let... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Michael Gorham [email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Sam Brokenshire[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Scott Petty[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager John Thompson[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Katie Whichard[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Jason Glasgow[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Jim Acosta[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Gordon Rupp[email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Chris Hitchcock[email protected]

Region X : AK, WA, OR, ID

Jan. 17 Sit Rep

[caption id="attachment_10256" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Just before the weekend, Team Rubic... Read More »

Politics Aside

As a new member of the Team Rubicon staff who just happened to start the week prior to Election Day ... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Aaron Mallary[email protected]
Regional Field Operations Manager Shawna So[email protected]
Regional Communications Manager Elizabeth Rockett[email protected]
Regional Engagement Manager Glen Mulkey[email protected]
Regional Finance Manager Tegan Shermikas[email protected]
Regional Logistics Manager Scott Metzler[email protected]
Regional Training Manager Josh Carlson[email protected]
Regional Membership Manager Doug Buschbach[email protected]
Regional Planning Manager Jason York[email protected]
Regional Wellness Manager Alicia Sloan [email protected]
Regional Technology Manager Michael Prill [email protected]