Team Rubicon’s Clay Hunt Fellows Program Announces a New Cohort

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program is a 6-month leadership and training program for veteran members of Team Rubicon. This program equips the veteran with tools to redefine their purpose and identity out of uniform for a life of continued service through a 6-month Base Camp curriculum of strengths discovery, self-awareness exploration, discussions, reading and self-reflection work.

These members represent the organization in the spirit of Clay Hunt, and through their role, Fellows will not only receive the purpose, community, and identity Clay sought, but they’ll be building themselves to become a stronger leader and person. Congratulations to the 12 future Fellows who will serve as fellows in the inaugural Base Camp 1 (BC-1):


Meet the fellows of Cohort BC-1:

Atiya Corbett
U.S. Marine Corps
Atiya recently retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after serving 20 years. She served multiple tours in the Middle East.
Resides in: Augusta, GA
Currently: Atiya has served with Team Rubicon since September 2019 and continues to be an active member in her region. Two of her favorite activities are playing roller derby with her team, Soul City Sirens, and spending family time with her husband and three children.
Education: She holds Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Graduate Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Adler University.
Serving others prepares you to lead others.” – Jim George



Nika Hermes
U.S. Navy
Nika worked as an Aviation Structural and Hydraulic Mechanic for six years in the US Navy. She deployed for OEF/OIF in 2007 and worked on five different aircrafts throughout her military career. Nika assisted with training maintenance personnel and keeping shop readiness at its peak until 2010.
Resides in: Elizabeth, CO
Currently: In 2017, Nika joined Team Rubicon with a drive to find her place and serve her community once again. She hit the ground running and has since deployed on 18 operations, serving both in the field and as C&G several times. Her passion for training her team during past military service began to show through, and this led her to becoming a Regional Chainsaw, a Sawyer 2, and an instructor in many other fields with Team Rubicon.
“The only way we can keep the sun shining on the hearts of those who need it most, is by being there for them in whatever capacity we can be. I believe everyone has the capability to do good for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, people just need that brief moment of hope in order to overcome whatever struggle they are facing. That one smile. That one spark. That one reminder that good does exist. Giving someone hope gives me hope.”


Jess Johnson
U.S. Army
Served as a Behavioral Health Officer
Resides in: Kailua, HI
Currently: Jess is the TR Wellness Team Lead for Hawaii. She is also a facilitator for Melwood Veterans Services Operation Tohidu retreats, which assist Veterans with service related injuries (both physical and mental) using positive psychology and adventure based therapy to help promote positive engagement, drive transformative discussions, and reframe traumatic experience.
Education: Jess is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a bachelors degree from University of Maryland’s School of Social Work and is a Certified Professional Life Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.
“Whether it’s been mucking out a basement after a flood, listening to someone who has had a bad day, donating money to an organization, or making eye contact with a stranger, connecting with others and trying to put some good in the world is what helps me to remain positive and retain my faith in humanity.”


Raechel Liska
Wisconsin National Guard
Commissioned into the Wisconsin National Guard and served as a Second Lieutenant.
Resides in: Milwaukee, WI
Currently: Raechel currently serves as a career firefighter and paramedic for the City of West Allis, Wisconsin
Education: Graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a bachelors degree and is continuing her education to earn a Masters of Science in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University.
“Involvement with Team Rubicon presents a unique opportunity for me to continue to serve and embrace my favorite phrase; live a life you’re proud of.”



Bernie Lodge
U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard 
Bernie retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as serving as a Boatswain’s Mate whose last duty station was Marine Safety and Security Team 91112.
Resides in: Loveland, CO
Currently: Bernie currently is an Emergency Management Specialist with Northern Water Conservancy in Berthoud, Co. Bernie’s involvement with TR started in 2016 and he has served in various rolls from Territory to State. When not TR’ing or working, Bernie spends time with his wife, two kids, six dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs. With his remaining time, he is either watching hockey or riding motorcycles.
Education: He holds a Bachelors of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management.
“Always give a hand up, never a handout”


Juan Ortiz-Giro

U.S. Coast Guard
Juan (JC) decided to join the U. S. Coast Guard in 2000. Right after basic training, he was sent to the USCG Boarding Team Member (BTM) school in Petaluma, CA; granting him the opportunity to amass a wealth of maritime law enforcement experience and to serve as an interpreter. JC also served as a Machinery Technician Second Class and was discharged honorably as such in 2004.
Resides in: San Juan, PR
Currently: Currently, JC is the TR State Administrator for Puerto Rico and the RCI 1 CADRE Lead for the NE territory.
Education: JC recently graduated with honors. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Public Health Science with a minor in Health Services Management.


S.C. Parker

U.S. Army
Parker spent 4 years on active duty as an Army Engineer Officer.
Resides in: Tacoma, VA
Currently: She just recently transferred into the reserves where she serves on a Forward Engineer Support Team out of JBLM, WA. On the civilian side she works as an Applications Engineer with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing – Puget Sound.
Education: Parker holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics from Fordham University.
”To serve is to dedicate time and energy to something that exists outside the sphere of your own life. I can think of nothing more fulfilling than seeing the impact I’ve had on the world around me. That is what Team Rubicon and the Clay Hunt Fellows Program are all about.” 



Lawerence Montoya
U.S. Army 
Joined the United States Army in 1989. As in infantrymen, he deployed for three ground combat tours. Lawerence completed two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He retired as a First Sergeant in 2011.
Resides in: Loveland, CO
Currently: Since June of 2018, Lawerence has been on several TR deployments including one to The Bahamas. He is married and has four children and a grandson.
Education: Lawrence holds a bachelors degree from Excelsior College.
“Hug and Smiles. The idea of experiencing this when I deploy with TR is what makes my heart happy. A flicker of hope or love in the eyes of the hopeless on their worst day. This is why I serve,”



Joseph Reno

U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Served as operational support for teams at joint Marine bases located in Reno, NV and Kaneohe Bay, HI, under the 4th Force Recon umbrella as a parachute rigger and combat lifesaver.
U.S. Navy Reserves, 2016 – Current
After a 10 year break in service, Joseph rejoined the military using professional skills to enter in the Hospital Corpsman field. He is currently serving with NCHB 13, a Navy cargo handling Battalion, HQ in Gulfport Mississippi.
Resides in: Colorado Springs, CO
Currently: Joseph is currently a D.O.D civilian working for the Army as a firefighter paramedic. He holds multiple volunteer leadership roles in TR’s NW Territory.
Education: A.A.S. Firefighter with academy emphasis and National Registry EMT – Paramedic certification.
“Whenever the world needs our help, if we listen, are trained, prepared and willing, we can make a significant difference in another’s life in their darkest hours.  As we sacrifice our time, energy, and souls individually for others, collectively we change the outcome of natural disasters, and together change the entire world.”

Britni Ryan

U.S. Navy  
Britni worked as a fleet Marine Force Corpsman for 16 years starting in 2001. She deployed to Afghanistan with the Army for a year in 2007 as part of an embedded training team and was the only female on the team. From there she was stationed at the White House to support all travel medicine needed for Presidential trips. Her final duty station was with 3rd Marine Division 1st Battalion 12th Marines as part of the push of females into Combat roles.
Resides in: Arvada, CO
Currently: After leaving the military, she found Team Rubicon and became heavily immersed in volunteering for TR. She has become a Regional Chainsaw Instructor and Chainsaw Sawyer 2.
“When I found Team Rubicon, I found a second purpose in life. Now I focus on helping people help other. I went through most my struggles alone and I want to try and make sure people don’t have the same experience.”  

Mark Shane 

Army National Guard and US Army
Mark enlisted on his 17th birthday going to basic training between junior and senior years of High School. He then continued on to active duty. Mark served with 1st Cavalry Division as an M1A1 Abrams Tanker with 3/32 Armor Tiger Battalion and deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm.
Resides in: Fairlawn, OH
Currently: Today, Mark serves as a Firefighter/ Paramedic with the fire service as well as the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Coordinator for Lawrence Township and the City of Canal Fulton, Ohio.
Education: Graduated from the FEMA Basic Academy and has been accepted to the Advanced Academy Cohort of 2020.
“Service to me is about giving back. Service is a way for me to express gratitude for the life that I have.” 

Justin Warner

U.S. Air Force 
Justin served as a Cyber Warfare Officer assigned to the US Intelligence Community working in Counterintelligence.
Resides in: Vienna, VA
Currently: Justin leads an Applied Threat R&D team for a large technology company. Justin is a loving husband and father who enjoys his limited down time traveling with his family. Within Team Rubicon, he is the State Planning Coordinator in Virginia and serves in as many operations as he can.
Education: Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the US Air Force Academy in 2010.
“Service is important to me because to those we help, we might be the last bit of hope they have; I cannot imagine the alternative. Service sets the example of the importance of raising your hand to help others and is infectious, driving others to also raise their hand.”



Applications for Base Camp 2 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program are currently open.
Don’t miss this opportunity. Apply today.


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