Interested in Volunteering for Houston Rebuild? Start Here.

Following the generosity and support of our donors, Team Rubicon is extending capabilities and services into long-term recovery (LTR) for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Over a 24-month timeline, Team Rubicon is initiating a long-term recovery in the Houston area to rebuild 100 homes affected by hurricane Harvey.

Houston’s Rebuild will be led by a unique partnership with SBP, Cohort 6 of the Clay Hunt Fellowship, and Team Rubicon volunteers. Learn more here.


You Have Questions and We Have Answers

Unaffiliated Volunteers

I am not a member of Team Rubicon, can I still volunteer for the Houston Rebuild? Yes! Rebuild is open to people unaffiliated with Team Rubicon. List your availability using this form.

Can I show up in Houston or do I need to fill out the form? You aren’t required to register as a TR member, but we need you to e-sign the liability waiver and fill out the form with your dates / contact info for logistical coordination at the job sites. List your availability using this form.

How do I sign up to volunteer in Houston? Too easy! List your availability using this form.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel, lodging, or meals? No. Unaffiliated volunteers are responsible for their own expenses incurred while volunteering.

I have a group of skilled tradesmen who want to come help. How can we be involved? When you are filling out the availability form there’s an option to list a Point of Contact who we will contact to mobilize your group.

Do I need health insurance? Yes. Due to the inherently dangerous conditions present on the job site, TR cannot allow volunteers to participate without health insurance.  

Do I need to bring tools? TR will supply the tools required to do the job. You just need to bring your kickass attitude.

How will I know where to go? After you sign up, you will be emailed instructions that will include information for a Point of Contact who will provide you with any additional information.



Corporate Partners / Sponsors

I’m not affiliated with Team Rubicon; can I still volunteer for the Houston Rebuild? Yes! Rebuild is open to partners/sponsors unaffiliated with Team Rubicon. Just email expressing your interest in having a company group volunteer.

I work for a corporate partner and I want to volunteer outside of our group. Is that possible? Yes! You can sign up as an unaffiliated volunteer using this form.

Who makes a good Corporate Point of Contact? A military vet is preferred as they best understand the concept of “force multiplier.” The Corporate POC will be responsible for all administration, logistics and communications between TR and your team.

How do I sign up to volunteer? List your availability using this form.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel, lodging, or meals? No. Your company is responsible for your expenses incurred while volunteering.

How many people can our company send at once? As many as you like! As long as you deploy in multiples of four. Ex. Four teams of four.

Do we wear TR grey shirts? Corporate volunteers will be provided with brown TR partner shirts or you can wear your own company t-shirt for some unit pride.

Can we document the experience/take pictures? We love capturing teamwork and a job well done. Our photography guidelines are found here.


Learn more about our Houston Rebuild Pilot Program. 

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