Clean, Mean, and Behind the Scenes

Getting time off work on short notice, finding someone to watch the kids, working in 100-degree heat – there are plenty of reasons that might prevent you from getting your boots on the ground for an operation with Team Rubicon. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need you.

There’s a dedicated team of people working from home, feeding intel to the team on the ground before, during, and after an op.

Mike Winders lives in Cabot, Arkansas. With 10 years of active duty experience in the Air Force as a weather forecaster, Mike provided weather briefings, aviation forecast support, TAF (Terminal Airdrome Forecast) support and WWA (Watches, Warnings and Advisories) support for Southern United States, various deployment locations, and now, a Remotely Operated Vehicle pilot. He’s got a pretty impressive skill set that’s invaluable to our team before a disaster occurs.


Since joining TR in August 2011, he’s provided steady, rock-solid forecasting to leadership in advance of an event and critical information for teams on the ground. Need an update on that nasty-lookin’ storm over the plains? Mike’s your guy. Want someone to explain the latest on that possible hurricane in the Gulf? Mike’s already written you a brief.

But he’s not the only one. There are countless others all over the country with mad skills working for TR behind the scenes. You might not see them sweat through a gray deployment T-shirt and they might not be on the receiving end of a muddy hug from a homeowner, but they’re every bit as important to our team. First, complete your profile and list your skills through Roll Call. Then, reach out to your regional leaders to learn how you can help.

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