AT&T Investing in Localized Disaster Response

Chloe Hage


The hurricane season of 2017 was unprecedented. Last year, Team Rubicon responded to 61 natural disasters worldwide and serviced 2,000 homes. We welcomed 29,000 new team members for a grand total of 73,000 citizens ready to help a neighbor when needed. The tempo of natural disasters is increasing and no community is fully prepared for their impact.

Thanks to generous support from our donors, additional funding and resources are enabling us to expand the scope of our capabilities and to reach more residents affected by disaster. With the support of companies like AT&T, we are investing in localized response and committed to building stronger, more resilient communities across the country.



Team Rubicon’s goal is to recruit and train disaster-ready teams by mobilizing the workforce that is our 21 million American veterans. Imagine if every city was able to better respond during and after natural disasters by using the unique human capital already within their neighborhoods. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent on preparedness, approximately $5 is saved in the future. Our plan is to equip (communities) now so they can better respond later.

How will we do this? AT&T stepped into the arena with us by contributing $1 million dollars to launch volunteer growth in the following metro areas: Virginia Beach, VA; Raleigh, NC; Detroit, MI; Austin, TX; Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; and across Colorado’s largest cities. A full-time associate in select cities will lead this anticipated acceleration of growth.


Cities where AT&T’s $1 million donation will provide direct financial support.


Communities will host more training and engagement events for Team Rubicon’s volunteers, empowering them to respond faster and more efficiently when disasters strike. Team members in each location will also conduct mitigation projects in order to reduce the threat of specific natural disasters such as wildfires or floods. By equipping and preparing these residents, Team Rubicon will continue to provide community, identity, and purpose to veterans.

Veterans are force multipliers in the field when it comes to responding to disasters as a result of their natural leadership skills and ability to lead in high-stress situations. While our nation’s veterans will be giving their time, they will be gaining a channel for their skills, opportunities for leadership development, and an outlet to serve.

Thank you for supporting us, AT&T.

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