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Team Rubicon has a unique culture that requires individuals foolish enough to think they can change the world, and smart enough to have a chance.

Ranked #3 Best Nonprofit to Work For by the Nonprofit Times in 2017

From our headquarters office in Los Angeles to our Emergency Operations Center in Dallas, our team is changing the world of disaster response. Every day is a challenge, but every month brings new opportunities for an organization that is quickly becoming a household name.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

I feel supported by both my department and across teams, and I'm humbled to work alongside people who are so committed to service. The overall energy of showing up to work with like-minded people who are trying to improve the lives of others is my favorite part about working at Team Rubicon.

—Lily Rhodes, Grant Assistant

We make shit happen and directly impact those who need us most on what is often the worst day of life. Being part of Team Rubicon is addicting. It's a powerful force of do-gooders who can go from flip flops, to work boots and then to fancy shoes in the same day. We have long hours, impossible challenges and insane complexities, but we also have a shit ton of community, identity and purpose.

—Pat Ross, Deputy Director of Membership

Working at Team Rubicon has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. Working at Team Rubicon has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.  The dedication to service, commitment to excellence and the drive to be the best embodies everything we do.  The team does not just talk the talk, they live it everyday.

—Laura Atwell, VP of Development

One hundred percent of TR cares about service. They want to help communities affected by disasters and they care about giving veterans another chance to serve after taking off the uniform.​ They’re also über generous with their donations – be it time, smarts, sweat, or dollars.

— Bobbi Snethen, Communications Officer

"Working at Team Rubicon has been an awesome experience for me from a personal as well as professional standpoint. Personally, I feel not only welcomed but expected to bring my most authentic self to work. My colleagues are expected to do the same. This creates the type of work-environment where the celebration of diverse cultural backgrounds, professional experiences, and perspectives can truly be achieved."

Jason Ferguson Deputy Director of Training & Exercise

Team Rubicon offers competitive salary and benefits, as well as the opportunity to deliver disaster relief to those in greatest need while providing veterans with a renewed sense of purpose, community and identity.

The Story of Team Rubicon

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Culture is King

Cultural Principles

Anyone joining Team Rubicon must understand that our mission to provide disaster response comes first. But it is our volunteer members (who wear our signature ‘grey shirts’ on response operations) who make that mission possible. Our leaders serve our members, and in doing so enable our members to serve their communities.
At Team Rubicon we seek leaders who aren’t afraid to dare to be great. We’re not interested in those who stand outside the arena lobbing in criticism; we look for the bold soul who despite the threat of failure, steps inside to pursue greatness.
We know we can’t all be good at everything. As leaders, we must work to define roles and maximize the contribution of all our teammates. As teammates, we aspire to work in harmony toward achieving a higher goal than any one of us could accomplish on our own.
This is our attitude. It has been since the beginning. Team Rubicon was born on the belief that if we only look at obstacles, if we only listen to and make excuses, then success will not be ours. We are entrepreneurial, resourceful and determined no matter how chaotic the situation.
Like military service, committing to becoming the best disaster response organization in the world can be mentally, physically and emotionally grueling. We should take care of ourselves and each other so we are best equipped to serve those in greatest need. Many of our employee benefits are designed to promote wellness and we encourage staff to take advantage of them.
At Team Rubicon, we strictly forbid dueling, but we don’t forbid much else. We strive to treat team members like adults. Want a beer after a long day? Just be smart. Need a few days off? Cool, just let us know. As long as we act like adults, we’ll be treated like adults.
We shouldn’t be afraid to spend money—that will only throttle growth. But, we must be prepared to defend every dollar we spend. Think of it this way—imagine your mother donated that dollar. Would you spend it? Every leader must be committed to fiduciary responsibility, transparency and financial stewardship.

The Teddy

Each quarter, we present The Teddy Award to one exceptional Team Rubicon employee who stepped into the arena and got shit done. To meet our current Teddy Award winner who embodies our cultural principles and kicks disasters in the ass, click on the photo.
Zach Brooks-Miller is an Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq as a combat engineer. He holds a B.A. in History and a Masters in International Affairs. Before joining Team Rubicon, he traveled the world, from Somaliland to Laos, clearing explosive remnants of war. When not working Zach can be found clinging perilously to the side of a cliff. He only wrote this bio so he wouldn't get fined.


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