Team Rubicon requires individuals foolish enough to think they can change the world, and smart enough to have a chance.



The fierce commitment to the bigger picture I’ve experienced firsthand at Team Rubicon has inspired me, and solidified my pursuit of a career of service that extends far beyond myself.

- Amy Smerdel, Intern



The work we do in the field has the unique ability to bring people together, whom, prior to arriving, never imagined they’d leave with countless new friends. All willing to drop anything to help out.

- Jerome Deniz, Training



I wake up every day proud to work for an organization that lives by its values.

- Andrew Glenn, Training

Ranked one of the best nonprofits to work for

The Story of Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is BUILT TO SERVE. What are you built for?

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Cultural Values

Culture is king.

  • Mission First, Greyshirts Always.

    • Anyone joining Team Rubicon must understand that our mission to provide disaster response comes first. But it is our volunteer members (who wear our signature ‘grey shirts’ on response operations) who make that mission possible. Our leaders serve our members, and in doing so enable our members to serve their communities.

  • Step Into the Arena.

    • Team Rubicon needs leaders who aren’t afraid to dare to be great. We’re not interested in those who stand outside the arena lobbing in criticism; we look for the bold soul who despite the threat of failure, steps inside to pursue greatness.

  • Everyone Has a Role. Know It.

    • We can’t all be good at everything. As leaders, we must work to define roles and maximize the contribution of our teammates. As teammates, we aspire to work in harmony toward achieving a higher goal than any one of us could accomplish on our own.

  • Get Shit Done.

    • This is our attitude. It has been since the beginning. Team Rubicon was born with the belief that if we only look at obstacles, if we only listen to and make excuses, then success will not be ours. We are entrepreneurial, resourceful and determined no matter how chaotic the situation.

  • Change Your Socks.

    • Like military service, committing to becoming the best disaster response organization in the world can be mentally, physically and emotionally grueling. We should take care of ourselves and each other so we are best equipped to serve those in greatest need. Many of our employee benefits are designed to promote wellness and we encourage staff to take advantage of them.

  • Adults Only.

    • At Team Rubicon, we strictly forbid dueling, but we don’t forbid much else. We strive to treat team members like adults. Want a beer after a long day? Just be smart. Need a few days off? Cool, just let us know. As long as we act like adults, we’ll be treated like adults.

  • Your Mother’s a Donor.

    • We shouldn’t be afraid to spend money—that will only throttle growth. But, we must be prepared to defend every dollar we spend. Think of it this way—imagine your mother donated that dollar. Would you spend it? Every leader must be committed to fiduciary responsibility, transparency and financial stewardship.

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Lesson One: Culture is King

Culture is king, and we see it as the intersection of our ethos and our action.

Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2018.


As a direct result of the culture of Trust and Respect that Team Rubicon has honed for the past eight years, we are proud to announce that TR is being recognized on a global stage.

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The Teddy

In 1910, Theodore Roosevelt stood before a crowd and dared men and women to use their courage, skill, and tenacity to accomplish great things. To step into the arena. When you join Team Rubicon, you are expected to be that individual in the arena. Each quarter, we present the Teddy Award to one or more exceptional Team Rubicon employees who stepped into the arena and tackled an audacious task.

Jonathen Davis | Lindsey Webb | Maggi Condon

For over a decade, Jonathen, aka JD, has been an invaluable member of the TRibe, starting as a Greyshirt volunteer in 2012, then working his way up through various roles as an employee in Digital Media. As the leader of content at Team Rubicon, JD has played a crucial role in shaping the organization through storytelling and has been instrumental in coordinating volunteer and contracted photographers across the globe – ensuring content is captured consistently and authentically. JD is a team player who lifts others up to achieve greatness together. He has created many long-lasting friendships with employees and volunteers alike. On any given operation, Greyshirts recognize and know JD by name. He is overall a joy to work with, and fearlessly goes to great lengths to tell the TR story. He embodies the spirit of rising above the status quo, exhibiting tenacity and courage in fulfilling his duties. He is also a Clay Hunt Fellow and a US Navy veteran.

Lindsey is one to never shy away from a challenge. Her transformation from being extremely shy during our all-hands calls to being quick-witted and confident when speaking in front of a crowd is truly remarkable. She not only understands our company culture but also lives and breathes it. She performed an exceptional job in successfully managing a group of cats (which she absolutely adores) to ensure an unforgettable Staffex. Her exceptional organizational skills shone throughout the planning process, and she even went the extra mile by conducting a comprehensive After Action Review (AAR).

Maggi stepped into the arena and took on a very different and dynamic role with grace and confidence. She stepped up to support the leadership teams to ensure they were able to focus on their primary roles and teams while keeping the organization's strategic objectives moving along. This is all while helping to drive StaffEx and TRLC planning, in addition to all of the other hats she continued to wear for Ops. Maggi's unique ability to take on different challenges while keeping organized, focused, and driven is what makes her such an amazing and valuable utility player. She is always willing and eager to support her teammates in whatever challenges they face. She picks up slack and helps everywhere she can with no expectations of credit or kudos. She is a wonderful combination of talented, hardworking, and humble. Maggi exemplifies our cultural values each and every day.

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