Driving Change With Ford.

Throughout our long-standing partnership with Ford, and their millions in generous donations, we’ve secured a steady stream of volunteers to serve communities big and small. Above all, we’ve both gained the ability to do more for more people who need our help.

The Birth of a Powerful Partnership.

As disasters increase in force and frequency across the United States, our Greyshirts need a way to access more hard-to-reach places—and fast. In 2017, Ford stepped up to the challenge. With their nearly 50-year track record of disaster relief work and a reputation for building rugged all-terrain vehicles, the all-American auto manufacturer is the perfect partner in our mission to serve more people than ever.

Our Alliance in Action.

In June of 2023, Ford announced they were doubling down on their Team Rubicon partnership with “Team Rubicon Powered by Ford,” a five-year plan that includes:

  • $2.5 Million in Humanitarian Donations – The Ford Fund has made another substantial investment in Team Rubicon’s unrestricted Ready Reserve Fund, which allows us to provide no-cost services to vulnerable communities as soon as disaster strikes.
  • A Dedicated Vehicle Fleet – The Ford Motor Company donated a fleet of 17 new vehicles to increase Team Rubicon’s capability to power, tow, and haul tools, equipment, and machinery. This donation comes with five years of Ford Pro telematic services, enabling us to monitor and track our fleet like never before.
  • Volunteerism – Ford employees are joining forces with Greyshirts in disaster mitigation, preparedness, and rebuilding efforts as part of the Ford Volunteer Corps, a program that offers employees paid time off to give back to their communities.

“The reality is weather-related disasters in the U.S. are becoming more frequent and more severe. That is why we are significantly expanding our relationship with Team Rubicon, donating a fleet of vehicles and deploying volunteers where they are needed most.”

Bill Ford, Executive Chair of Ford Motor Company

The Ripple Effect of Real Change.

Since our extended partnership with Ford began, Team Rubicon has enjoyed a significant improvement in operational capabilities, thanks to their multi-pronged support.

  • With a total of over 45 Ford vehicles in the Team Rubicon fleet, we can carry people and supplies to hard-hit areas that may otherwise have been unreachable
  • Ford’s commitment to volunteerism expands Team Rubicon’s ability to provide no-cost services to vulnerable communities in the wake of disasters and crises
  • Ford’s lifetime donations to our unrestricted Ready Reserve Fund let us respond to communities in need at a moment’s notice

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