Dow Employees, Donning Grey Shirts.

When two organizations have this kind of chemistry, incredible things can happen. By teaming up with like-minded Dow, we’ve built Team Rubicon’s Gold Standard in corporate volunteerism, raised more funds, and spread our shared messages to a larger-than-ever audience.

The Birth of a Powerful Partnership.

It’s our profound respect and appreciation for veterans that originally brought Dow and Team Rubicon together. But in the years following our initial connection, we’ve found we share so much more: a mighty work ethic, an empowered volunteer base, and a deep commitment to serving those in need.

Our Alliance in Action.

From the beginning, our partnership with Dow has been marked by multi-faceted support and authentic actions that have expanded our humanitarian capabilities.

  • A New Standard of Corporate Volunteering – A collaboration with Dow’s Citizenship team, HR, and Veterans Network led to a Paid Time Off policy for North American employees to volunteer with Team Rubicon. This allows all employees who join Dow’s Veterans Network to access up to two weeks of paid time off—to serve alongside us.
  • Greyshirt Ambassadors In addition to PTO, Dow has trained employees across regional offices to be on-the-ground Greyshirt ambassadors. These point-people within the company work to self-organize and funnel directly into the Team Rubicon volunteer process when disaster strikes. 
  • A Co-Branded Race Car – For several years, Dow brought awareness to the Team Rubicon mission and even honored our troops with a branded NASCAR paint scheme that features hundreds of Greyshirts’ names.

“I personally became a Greyshirt for the same reason most do: a calling for further service.”

Chase Roberts, U.S. Navy veteran & Dow employee

The Ripple Effect of Real Change.

When it comes to the impact of our partnership on the communities we uplift, the numbers speak for themselves:

Raise Money

  • $985,000 – The investment Dow has committed in support of our mission, since the start of our relationship

Brand Awareness

  • 393,380 – The estimated viewership of the Dow Salutes Veterans’ co-branded car unveiling, across Fox Sports and five local affiliates
  • 520,000 – The number of people reached on social media in the 48 hours following the event
  • 67 – The number of organic social posts made by key motorsports influencers about our Team Rubicon-branded NASCAR vehicle

Engage Volunteers

  • +50% – The sizable increase in Dow employees volunteering with Team Rubicon, from 2020 to 2024

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