A Decade With The Home Depot Foundation.

As our first decade-long partner, The Home Depot Foundation has advanced our shared mission of helping communities prepare for and recover from disasters. Thanks to the folks in orange, our Greyshirts are on-site faster—and better equipped—than ever before.

The Birth of a Powerful Partnership.

When we first teamed up with The Home Depot Foundation in 2011, the connection was obvious—both of our organizations power home repairs and renovations. But in the years since, we’ve discovered a much deeper affinity. With a shared dedication to our veterans and local communities, we’ve come together to support countless Americans on their worst days.

“We’ve proudly supported Team Rubicon since 2011, and we’re thankful for partners who are equally committed to supporting communities throughout the recovery process.”

Shannon Gerber, Executive Director of The Home Depot Foundation

Our Alliance in Action.

Year after year, The Home Depot Foundation has supplied Team Rubicon with generous donations and thousands of boots on the ground. With their endless support, we’ve embarked on many successful missions together, including:

  • Cleaning Up After Hurricane Ian – Team Rubicon and Team Depot mobilized more than 150 volunteers to respond to immediate needs in Englewood, FL, when disaster struck in 2022.
  • Supporting the Tornado-Stricken South – In January 2023, our volunteers went to Griffin, GA, and Selma, AL, to remove downed trees and repair homes.
  • Clearing Debris on Christmas – When a tornado swept through Columbia, MS, on Christmas Eve in 2014, our teams banded together to help out over the holidays.

The Ripple Effect of Real Change.

Through our ongoing partnership, we’ve increased awareness and changed countless lives.

  • Home Depot’s parking lots have become high-visibility rallying points for thousands of dedicated volunteers
  • Our Greyshirts can rely on Home Depot’s nationwide supply chain to secure necessary materials on the front lines of disaster
  • Millions of dollars worth of grants from The Home Depot Foundation have powered our shared mission over the last decade

“Culture really matters to us, and we’ve found a real alignment in values, beliefs, and purpose for doing this with Team Depot. The Home Depot Foundation is helping us for the right reasons, and we really consider Team Depot to be a part of our team.”

Jake Wood, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Team Rubicon

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