Fundraising Makes A Larger Boot Print.

When you support the TR mission with a fundraiser in your community, you rally troops across the globe and multiply our collective impact. It’s working smarter—so we can work harder.

Raise $10 or $10M. It All Makes a Difference.

As a fundraiser, your impact spans far beyond donations. You’re also raising awareness and sharing important messages and stories on why Team Rubicon’s mission matters.


Start your own online fundraiser right here. Just build your page, set your fundraising goal, and share with friends and family!

5 Tips for Fundraising.

  • Educate

    Work on the front lines to spread the word about storm response, why mitigation matters, the disparate effects of crises on low-income neighborhoods, and more. Your personal connection to why these facts matter will spark curiosity and ignite compassion.

  • Impact

    Showcase Team Rubicon’s success stats and stories—through anecdotes of people we’ve helped, the size of our Greyshirt volunteer force, or the breadth of how we serve—to mobilize support.

  • Inspire

    Share your personal story and send out a message that resonates long after the dollar is donated. By sharing your passion, you’re inspiring belief in friends and family, too.

  • Celebrate

    Turn birthdays and holidays into opportunities to support Team Rubicon with invitations and thank-you cards. In lieu of presents, ask for monetary donations to a cause that means more than gifts.

  • Honor

    Commemorate a brave soul in your life and fundraise in their honor with social media graphics that mark the occasion.