Ways to Give

Disasters Don’t Wait. Donations Can’t Either.

Your support helps people on their worst days. Gifts to the Ready Reserve Fund, always available in times of need, allow us to quickly serve communities when they need it most.

Every Dollar Builds Resilient Communities.

Since our founding, we’ve launched over 1,100 operations in response to disasters and crises across the globe. But that’s just one number—the list of names spans miles.


Like Barbara, who lived through Hurricane Zeta and back-to-back tornadoes within six months in Selma, Alabama. Or Ari, a homeowner in Fresno, California, who doesn’t have the resources to face wildfire threats alone.


Your dollar helps build Barbara a new home. Your dollar powers crucial mitigation work for Ari and many more of the 12 million under-resourced people in at-risk areas. Your dollar ensures we can help when they need it most.

Make an Immediate Impact with a One-Time Donation

Support ASAP with a one-time, commitment-free, tax-deductible donation.

Join Our Support Squad as a Monthly Donor

Donate to our Ready Reserve Fund and fuel ongoing ops with convenient autopay options.

Your Support Allows Us to Get Shit Done.

  • Deployment Expenses

    Most operations are powered by local Greyshirts, but some demand extra support or skills on the front lines. Your donations help teams ship out quickly, covering expenses like travel and lodging.

  • Volunteer Training

    Greyshirts fuel our mission; donations fuel their training. From basic skills like mucking and tarping houses to advanced duties like chainsaw operation, training our volunteers helps us better show up for our neighbors.

  • Rebuild Materials

    Disasters cost people their homes, so restoration shouldn’t cost them a thing. Donations make it possible to rebuild communities at no cost to them, paying for things like building materials, tools, and safety gear.

  • On-the-Ground Service

    No two disasters are the same. Each community we serve needs a different approach and skill set. With support from donors like you, we can use our wide range of capabilities to respond appropriately and best serve communities in need.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It, Just That You Do.

Every donation, no matter the amount, is immeasurably valuable, completely secure, and abides by our donor bill of rights.