Team Rubicon is committed to providing every single American an equitable opportunity to receive a life-saving COVID-19 vaccine 


1,605,848 Total Vaccines Administered at TR Supported Vaccination Sites 

We’re focused on providing access to vaccinations for vulnerable communities with limited healthcare resources. By increasing personnel capacity and the number, rate, and equitable access of vaccine distribution sites across the country, Team Rubicon is expediting the nation's recovery from COVID-19.

Currently, our volunteers are serving on vaccine distribution support operations in cities and towns from Florida to Alaska.


Weather Bullies US Cities, But Not Vaccination Volunteers

Team Rubicon along with five other veterans organizations have formed the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination to ensure equitable access to the vaccine across the country.


VCV in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In collaboration with FEMA, take a closer look at the work volunteers from the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination are conducting to bring vaccinations to Philadelphia.

Vaccination Ops Dashboard

Disasters are indiscriminate, but their devastating impact continues to disproportionately affect individuals living in poverty and communities of color. COVID-19 is no exception and has exacerbated socioeconomic and racial disparities where resources are already limited.

See where we're currently supporting vaccination efforts across the United States with our interactive dashboard.

In alignment with the new administration’s vaccination strategy, Team Rubicon uses the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) to serve the most at-risk communities to ensure our services are advancing equity for the most vulnerable, including across racial, ethnic and rural/urban lines.


Providing Wraparound Support

Successful vaccination is more than just putting needles in arms. It requires site set-up and tear down, vaccine transportation, patient registration, and traffic control.  

By handling these tasks, our volunteers empower frontline workers to administer more vaccines and care for the critically ill. 

Site Administration

Set up and tear down, traffic control, and maximizing on-site efficiencies. 

Logistics Support

Patient paperwork, managing effective transportation of vaccination supplies. 

Medical Decompression

Providing volunteer healthcare professionals to supplement hospital and emergency room staff. 

Volunteer Management

Providing site supervisors to lead and problem-solve volunteer planning. 


Mobile Vaccination Operations

With equitable access to vaccinations as one of our core focuses, we've created new capabilities to reach and support underserved or remote communities. Instead of asking people to take time off work or to travel hours away to the nearest vaccination site, we're bringing the vaccine to them.

Contrary to typical models for vaccinations, the total number of vaccinations provided on mobile vaccination operations is less important as every shot administered represents a greater percentage of the total community vaccinated.

In partnership with local communities, we're supporting mobile vaccination efforts from the West Coast to the Midwest.

A Veteran-led Movement

Team Rubicon is proud to be a founding member of the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination, a group formed to unite and mobilize a nationwide network of veterans to ensure equitable access to vaccinations for all Americans..   

The VCV launched the "Call to Arms" campaign to help restore and build trust in COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Tenets of the Veteran Coalition for Vaccination

  • Restore and build trust in the vaccine while fighting the spread of misinformation.
  • Execute with speed, efficiency, and urgency.
  • Create a nationwide network that can quickly deploy to set up and operate vaccination sites.
  • Ensure equitable distribution of vaccinations to communities often forgotten.
  • Support the healthcare workforce’s dual response of getting shots into arms and providing care to patients.
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Learning and Resources

How we interact with community members on vaccination support operations is critical to the success of our mission. 

To assist communities and our volunteers on the ground, we’ve created a list of effective communication strategies and tools for cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Communication Resource Guide


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