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Update on Houston Flooding

Dennis Clancey

A former U.S. Army infantry captain and Iraq veteran, Dennis Clancey joined Team Rubicon as a volunteer in 2014, responding to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes and Texas floods. In September 2015, he joined the organization full-time as the Deputy Director in charge of global disaster response.

Beginning April 17, a major storm system hit the state of Texas and severe flooding is affecting thousands of residents in the Houston area. Team Rubicon Region VI is deploying a recon team to identify areas where flood waters are receding and communities with active requests for assistance and high levels of vulnerability. Leaders continue to work alongside local emergency management agencies to learn how we help.


  • Sean Terry

    could some call me? you were on my street yesterday, and i do need assistance…couldn’t reach a human or a vmail that would accept a msg at your 310 number….

  • Sean Terry

    or, could you give me a number…because now i’m realizing i shouldn’t put my ph # in here…lol…

  • Teana Phillips

    We need assistance in the current flooding situation in Richmond, TX. Who do we call? How do we get help? The phone rings and rings and no one answers. 6/3/16 at 10:23 am