Behind every successful operation is group of individuals committed to supporting Team Rubicon’s mission of helping those affected by disaster. We call them the Support Squad.

By investing in Team Rubicon with a monthly gift, the Support Squad allows us to forecast and plan responses, trainings, and exercises further into the future. A steady stream of support allows us to be more aggressive when responding to disasters, and to deploy more veterans and resources when needed.

Joining the Support Squad means you’re personally invested in Team Rubicon’s mission. As such, we try to make sure you’re up-to-speed on all disaster operations and organizational updates.

Support Squad members receive unique:

  • Updates from the field
    • Stories and reflections from homeowners and volunteers, detailing how your ongoing support directly impacts those in need
  • Access to the Quarterly Impact Update
    • A candid report on how Team Rubicon is achieving, or failing, at specific quarterly initiatives, all aimed at creating a more efficient and impactful disaster response organization

Ready to make a difference?

US Navy veteran Dean Jensen

Support Squad Member #3, since May 2011

“There are people who run toward trouble to help those in need. Team Rubicon volunteers are those kind of people. I guess I kind of am too. As a veteran of the Cold War, being a part of the Cold War gives me a chance to give a little each month, so you can too.”

Every bit of support goes a long way, but you are able to make a larger or more specific impact at different gift levels.


Core Operations Training

Disaster Technology Training

Chainsaw Operations Training

International Team Training

Incident Management Training

Heavy Equipment Training

Ready to make a difference for those impacted by disaster?