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Placing Service Above Self is at the Core of What We Do

Selfless service and the small amounts of sacrifice each one of my brothers and sisters in the TR community give, day in and day out to help complete strangers is what comes to mind when I think about Team Rubicon and what it means to “step into the arena” to help communities in need.

We don’t do it for fame or recognition, and we sure as hell don’t do it for the money.  At our core, Team Rubicon is about neighbors helping neighbors. When crisis strikes our communities, we come together to help others on their worst day. Serving others is what we do. It is in our DNA.

What I’d like to think we all do it for is the end result. That end result being the families that come to you with tears in their eyes as they say, “Thank You”, for the work done; or buying a meal when out at a local restaurant, or even on occasion making you tacos!

Another end result are the relationships we forge through a little blood, sweat, and tears. These are reasons why I will be a Greyshirt for LIFE. Tribe STRONG!

Jared Heisey is a TR volunteer living in Virginia and working in carpentry.