“You’ve Got a Quality Guy, There”

Patrick O'Neill

Army veteran and Illinois resident Rick Borrett reported for duty and then some.

At Team Rubicon, we get fired up over notes from communities we serve. Recently, we received a message from Beth Costa, a supporter near Fairdale, IL, where our team has been providing tornado relief since April 12. Oh, and we were able to identify the volunteer in the photo – that’s Army veteran Rick Borrett, who recently joined the team to take part in Operation: Barbed Wire 30 minutes from his home town.

I wanted to say thank you to the awesome gentleman in the picture with my scouts. Troop 181 was collecting donations and supplies for the tornado clean-up efforts at Home Depot in Rockford. NOT ONLY did he spend a few minutes talking to us about the things he was doing as part of the tornado clean up, HE EVEN BOUGHT STUFF TO BE DONATED. Little did he know, our troop is working on the emergency preparedness merit badge, and he helped us complete an extra requirement. You’ve got a quality guy, there! -Beth


Army veteran Rick Borrett with Troop 181 at the Home Depot in Rockford, IL.

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