What to Expect When: Deploying on a COVID-19 Vaccine Support Op

Team Rubicon

Whether you’re brand new to volunteering or a seasoned Team Rubicon Greyshirt here’s what you need to know for your first COVID-19 vaccination deployment.

So here you are, hit by the urge to help your community become inoculated against the coronavirus. This urge to join the fight against the pandemic has brought you to join Team Rubicon’s veteran-led mission.   

By going to TeamRubiconUSA.org or by joining the fight through the VCV with the team of your choice, you can step up and help your community become vaccinated.  

Now, a vaccine support op is a bit different than Team Rubicon’s usual disaster response work, so let’s walk you through what you can expect as you ready up to deploy out on a vaccination support operation for the first time. 

How to prepare and pack for a local COVID-19 Vaccination Support Op: 

 Before you head out, you’ll want to know what to bring. Here is a suggested full packing list: 

  • A face mask (required for all volunteer work, indoors and out).  
  • Your official team shirt, or grey shirt if you’re a Team Rubicon volunteer. 
  • Comfortable, close-toed shoes (you’ll likely be on your feet most of the day), comfortable clothes for outside active work, and warming layers in case the outdoor temp drops during your shift. 
  • If vaccinated, bring proof of vaccination. 
  • A packed lunch and snacks (due to COVID-19 restrictions, food will not be provided). 
  • Small notebook and pen (optional). 
  • mindset focused on getting work done (not optional). 


The process from signup to deployment for a Vaccination Support Op: 

  • Step 1 – Head over to our official volunteer sign up portal to begin your volunteer journey. 
  • Step 2 – Select a volunteer event and create your volunteer profile. 
  • Step 3 – Indicate your availability for your selected volunteer event. 
  • Step 4 – Prepare to deploy. 

Now you are ready to roll out and man your first operation: a vaccination support op. Good on you for rogering up and answering the call. 

Getting your boots on the ground: 

  • Once you’ve registered to volunteer on a vaccination operation and have been accepted for that deployment, you’ll receive information with dispatch instructions explaining where to meetyour “rally point”and when.  
  • When you roll up to the rally point you’ll likely see a group of Greyshirts wearing maskseasy evidence you’re in the right place
  • While you wait for the Team Rubicon operation leader, sign in on the team sheet and feel free to introduce yourself to the day’s teammates. These friendly faces will be here to support you just as you are here to support them.  
  • Once everyone has arrived, the operation leader will deliver:  
    • safety brief  
    • A tour of the site  
    • Description of the day’s general mission  
    • Assignment of individual tasks for the day ahead 

Possible responsibilities can range anywhere from directing vaccine seekers where to go and what to do, getting vaccine seekers checked in and prepped, and overall support in keeping the lines moving smoothly throughout the day. 

 And with that, your day volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccination support site is off and running!  

End of day: 

You’ll no doubt leave tired, with a few new friends, and filled with a sense of accomplishment. Years from now, you’ll also remember how you helped turn the tide on a deadly pandemic. 

For those who regularly step up to serve, we salute you. For those who’s are deploying for the very first time– welcome to The Team. We hope this is the first of many volunteer opportunities you roger up for.



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