Veterans’ Organizations Place Call to Arms for Vaccination

Julie H. Case

Along with advertising industry leaders, groups launch a public service campaign to build trust and help end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seven veteran organizations along with leaders in the advertising industry have launched a national “call to arms” campaign to build trust in the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination process, and to help put an end to the Covid-19 crisis in America.

Developed by Amobee’s AdTechCares and advertising agency Venables Bell + Partners in conjunction with Team Rubicon and the other members of the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination, the public service announcements were designed to appeal to a shared American sense of duty.

“Veterans are among one of the most trusted populations in the United States, and through the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination we are able to bring together these leading veterans’ organizations to build trust for the nationwide vaccination effort,” says Lorey Zlotnick, Chief Marketing Officer at Team Rubicon and founding member of the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination. “We are proud to launch a campaign that is visually representative of the communities that we serve and reaffirms the VCV’s priority and commitment to equitable vaccine distribution. We invite you to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and help us defeat this virus.”

Enlisting arms of every kind—the tatted, the toned, the tanned, and the sun-deprived—the ads feature updated takes on iconic past trust campaigns, such as Rosie the Riveter and Smokey the Bear, and will run in markets across the United States.

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