Update on Hurricane Matthew Response

Dennis Clancey

With recon teams in South Carolina and Florida and eyes on North Carolina and Georgia, Team Rubicon works to identify areas of operation in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.


Though Hurricane Matthew came and went, impacts from the storm continue to bear down on several coastal states. Team Rubicon currently has recon teams in Florida, specifically Flagler, St. Johns, and Putnam Counties, and South Carolina, in Horry, Georgetown, and Williamsburg Counties.

We continue to gather intel from affected communities in Georgia and North Carolina, and additional recon teams will conduct high-level assessments and liaise with local response agencies in worst-hit areas once reentry is permitted and it’s safe to enter the severely flooded areas. In some cases, the worst flooding is yet to come, and it may be several days before debris removal and muck out assistance will begin.

As we work to identify our areas of operation, learn what it takes to deploy with Team Rubicon domestically or make a donation to support our Hurricane Matthew response. The damage is widespread and evolving, and we’ll continue to keep you updated on our efforts.

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