Update on Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma

Get an update on Team Rubicon's developing response to the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma from Director of Field Operations David Burke.

We are assessing how best to respond to the communities affected by the ongoing flooding in Texas and Oklahoma. We’ve been in contact with state and local agencies for initial coordination, and are currently focusing on the Hayes County area south of Austin; however, we are simultaneously assessing vulnerability and impact in other affected areas.

A recon team headed to the Austin area to work alongside local officials in determining the scope of work, which will involve coordination of the Volunteer Resource Centers, damage assessments, chainsaw operations, and debris management. We’ll move forward with sending command staff personnel to the scene in Wimberley, TX while a call to register availability for an operation will soon follow. Are you ready to deploy? 

There is additional severe weather moving through the area, and the situation continues to evolve. We are actively engaging our partners to ensure we are able to respond effectively while developing plans to provide support from across TR Nation to ensure our capacity meets the need. As always, we strive to respond quickly and safely as an integrated component of the affected community’s relief effort.


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