Tips for Managing Stress During the Holidays

Lisa DelliCarpini

Check out a short list of reminders to help you manage stress this holiday season.


While the holiday season is a typically a time to unwind and share some uninterrupted downtime with loved ones, it can also be a stressful season for others. We’re sharing a few tips on behalf of Team Rubicon’s wellness managers to help cope with stress during the holiday break:

Have a plan for managing time with family. Don’t over-extend yourself or have long periods of time with no positive activity.
Always have strategies in place for high-anxiety situations.
Prioritize holiday tasks and get one or two things done each day.
Pick and choose which celebrations to attend and which to skip.
Your needs are as important as everyone else’s. Create win-win situations with people.

Habits like exercise and healthy eating go a long way to make the holidays manageable.
Offering to help others who need it helps keep things in perspective.
Let things go. Peace feels better than being right.
Identify high-stress situations beforehand and have a plan to get through them.
Don’t pile too much on your plate, literally and figuratively.
Ask for help if you’re struggling. Have a network who can support you if needed.
Yesterday is over. Start each new day with a clean slate and a fresh attitude.
Stay safe and help keep others safe by not drinking and driving.

Here’s to the holidays, TR Nation. Take care of each other and let’s get ready for 2017. Should you or someone you know need immediate mental health support, we recommend utilizing the resources below.



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