Team Rubicon Serving Communities Across the World

Patrick O'Neill

From flood waters in Louisiana to wildfires in California to medical clinics in Greece, members of Team Rubicon are providing assistance in communities around the world.


Responding: Flood Waters in Louisiana 

We’ve deployed a recon team to evaluate the flooding along the Gulf Coast, which has primarily affected Louisiana. The team on the ground is connected with Louisiana VOAD and have identified a base of operations in Baton Rouge. National assets are being mobilized to begin response operations immediately.

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A glimpse of the destruction in Baton Rouge, LA. Photo credit: Patrick Dennis / The Advocate via AP

These early stages, as in any disaster response mission, are vital on greater scales for the responding TR volunteer members’ ability to provide crucial aid to the Gulf Coast region and the people whose lives have been threatened or interrupted by the flood waters. Make a donation to support our efforts in Louisiana.

Responding: Operation Lion Tamer 

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A view of the wildfire in Hamilton, MT. Photo credit: CBS/AP.

Region 8 is responding to the wildfire that started on July 3 in the Roaring Lion drainage around the southern side of Hamilton, MT. It spread over 2,000 acres in less than 24 hours and destroyed 16 residential structures. Eight hundred residents were evacuated but allowed to return. As of Aug. 16, the fire is stabilized at 8,200 acres damaged while firefighters continue their efforts.

TR is tasked with coordinating a disaster response mission, which will be comprised of burnt debris removal and separation, as well as meeting the needs of the local affected communities.

Responding: Operation Hermes


TR continues to deploy waves of medical professionals to serve those residing in refugee camps in Northern Greece.

Since May 22, Team Rubicon has been providing primary medical care to refugees in northern Greece in coordination with UNHCR as well as Greek authorities. Families, including a large number of children continue to be treated at a medical clinic where the team is stationed. The main goal is to alleviate suffering the refugees have had to endure.

The necessity for more efficient medical records tracking became immediately apparent from the amount of patients being treated at the clinics. TR’s IT Teams on the ground in Greece and in at the National Office worked quickly to implement the new Medical Records System, which is portable, secure, and can be easily synced with larger hospital databases. This technology will remain a constant resource for TR operations in the future.

Responding: Operation Dry Tears

Region 5 is serving South Holland, IL in the wake of severe flooding.

Region 5 is serving South Holland, IL in the wake of severe flooding.

Operation Dry Tears is in response to flooding in and around South Holland, IL. On July 29, a chain of thunderstorms hit the Chicagoland area, and South Holland received six inches of rainfall resulting in flash flooding. At least 150 homes were affected, not as a direct consequence of the rain, but instead the sewer system which became backed up in the South Holland area and flooded the nearby homes and temporarily closed roads. Since Aug. 8, Region 5 mobilized 48 Greyshirts and will wrap up flood relief operations today.

Responding: Operation Golden Oak

The Santa Clarita wildfire has destroyed more than 20,000 acres. Photo credit: NBC Los Angeles

The Santa Clarita wildfire has destroyed more than 20,000 acres. Photo credit: NBC Los Angeles

A sand fire broke out on July 23 in Santa Clarita CA, and has since been contained, but not without first burning 42,432 acres. Nineteen residential structures have been destroyed and others damaged. Region 9 has mobilized a response force to go in and conduct tree debris removal and assist residents affected by the fire.

Completed: Operation Salt Wash

Steve Lewis / The Daily Times

Members deployed on Operation Salt Wash in Shiprock, NM. Photo credit: Steve Lewis / The Daily Times

A state of emergency was declared when isolated thunderstorms occurred in San Juan County, NM on August 5, causing floods to rush through the area. One of the worst-hit communities was on a Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock. Families were displaced and many homes were severely damaged and unsalvageable.

Regions 6, 7, and 9 coordinated a response in Shiprock, concentrating on debris removal with a dedicated chainsaw team, as well as recovery and reconstruction of residential properties. Much of the local agricultural fields were flooded, leaving foreign debris littered throughout. Local volunteers and members of various Navajo Nation government organizations are assisting with cleanup and structure demolition in the affected area. 

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