With “Step Into the Grey” Team Rubicon Delivers a New Podcast

Michael Lloyd

A new bi-monthly podcast, "Step Into the Grey," takes listeners behind the scenes of veteran-led disaster relief organization Team Rubicon.


It’s a question I have asked myself and others this past year. I find I always want to understand why we do we do the things we do in Team Rubicon—why we leave the comfort and safety of our homes, work really hard in often uncomfortable settings, and get really dirty for communities that may be clear across the world.

It was with this attempt to understand that a podcast emerged as a perfect medium to tell our Team Rubicon stories. Sharing wisdom, knowledge, and heartfelt experiences helps us navigate the disaster environment. These stories and conversations speak to our culture and motivations. They make us laugh, cry, and provide connectivity through shared experience.

And so, “Step Into the Grey” was created. A bi-monthly podcast, each episode will take listeners behind the scenes of our veteran-led disaster relief organization. Beyond just hearing from the organization, we’ll meet Greyshirts—military veteran and kick-ass civilian volunteers—who respond to disasters, globally. We will celebrate our differences, but also get a deeper understanding about our shared corps of service. We’ll talk to ourselves, about ourselves.

“Step into the Grey” is now available wherever you listen to your podcasts; Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Anchor, and elsewhere.

Podcast No. 1, April 7, 2020

Meet Michael Davidson, Navy Veteran and Director of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program

Sitting down with Michael Davidson is like hanging out with a close friend. His time living in Hawaii has indelibly marked him with the aloha spirit. And, by all outward appearances, he navigated his post-military life on fair winds and following seas. But, dig deeper and you begin to see that the separation from a life in the Navy can be challenging.

In the first episode of ‘Step Into the Grey,” we explore Michael’s introduction to Team Rubicon, follow his journey to lead the Clay Hunt Fellows Program, and hear about the program’s impact on Greyshirts, veterans, and himself.

Michael Davidson at play.

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