Team Rubicon Launches New International Volunteer Recruitment System

Julie H. Case

Want to serve on a medical or humanitarian mission across the world? Get your resume ready.

In response to increasing humanitarian needs around the world, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and conflict, Team Rubicon is launching a revised process for recruiting and rostering international leaders and medical providers. 

The new process replaces an existing rolling application system with twice-annual application periods for individuals interested in leadership and logistics positions. For two weeks each year, in Q1 and Q3, Team Rubicon will accept applications from Greyshirts who want to serve on international operations

As part of the new program, the veteran-led disaster relief nonprofit is also launching a new International Training and Selection Course, which will be open to all applicants who successfully pass both the resume review and interview processes. 

The International Training and Selection Course is a five-day training and selection exercise designed to give a hands-on experience with Team Rubicon’s international operations. The ITSC will test candidates’ abilities to fill all international leadership roles while quickly adapting to mission requirements. Throughout the course, participants will be assessed on their ability to successfully use Team Rubicon’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Emergency Medical Team (EMT), and communications and tech equipment while working closely with team members in simulated international disaster response.

After passing the ITSC, Greyshirts will be invited to join the international leadership and medical providers team. 

The program launches next month, with applications opening on February 3 and closing on February 16. The next application period will open in mid-July, with the second iteration of the ITSC in October.

To better inform the Greyshirt community of how the system works, Team Rubicon will be hosting an ask-me-anything Town Hall on January 13 at 5 pm PT/7 pm CT hosted by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Callaway, and Sr. Director of International Programs, Zach Brooks-Miller.

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