Serving International Communities

Team Rubicon stands ready to support communities around the world in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and humanitarian crises.

Since 2010 Team Rubicon has partnered with local communities in over 30 countries, supporting humantarian needs with medical professionals, WASH experts, and crises innovation leaders.

Disasters and humanitarian crises take a higher toll on vulnerable populations, where resources and access to care are scarce. Team Rubicon quickly responds, working with local leaders, host nations, and global coordinating agencies to assist those who need it most.

As the first North American nonprofit verified by the World Health Organization as a Type-1 Mobile EMT, Team Rubicon medical teams augment and support local health care services before, during, and after humanitarian crises. 

Persistent and increasing conflict, coupled with the climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, continue to disproportionately impact vulnerable populations and more assistance is needed than ever before. Our international team works to actively mitigate developing or future public health threats, support urgent and unmet needs, and build long-term resiliency through specialized training programs.

Our international team mobilizes vetted and highly skilled volunteers and resources to provide services during rapid on-set disasters or complex emergencies.

Medical Support & Training

Skilled medical providers deliver emergency and trauma care, maternal and pediatric health care, knowledge of endemic diseases, as well as training for local emergency personnel in vulnerable communities worldwide. 


Decreasing instances of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)-related diseases to underserved communities is essential after disasters and during humanitarian crises. 

Crisis Innovation

In partnership with local leaders, international volunteers generate creative solutions to simple and complex problems to build resilient communities around the world.

We are recruiting dynamic and experienced Medical and Humanitarian Leadership Professionals.

Team Rubicon is committed to core humanitarian principles, including humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. We are seeking professional, multilingual, and experienced medical providers and cross-functional team members, similarly dedicated to these values, to lead our international operations.

We are actively recruiting: 

  • Team Leaders/Assistant Team Leaders  
  • Medical Unit Leaders 
  • Logistics  
  • WASH 
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Medical Providers 

Team Rubicon is seeking motivated and experienced medical professionals to support our disaster response and COVID-19 medical operations, as well as strengthen health systems’ programs in non-disaster settings. If you can share your skills in this time of crisis, please volunteer. To be successful on this team, you must thrive in ambiguity and be able to live in environments without access to electricity or running water. You’ll be making a much needed and immediate impact. 

We are seeking the following roles: 

  • Physicians (MD or DO) 
  • Physician Assistant 
  • Nurse Practitioner 
  • Registered Nurse
  • Paramedic

Note: Individuals with Emergency Medical Technician Basic credentials, please keep your Roll Call profile updated. While the Emergency Medical Technician Basic credentials are not recognized by the WHO, there may be future opportunities to assist domestically. Also, please consider applying for the Medical Unit Leader under the International Leaders Track. 


Please review the position description and apply now


Once you submit your resume and cover letter, please tell us about yourself, by filling out this form.

International Humanitarian Leadership

Team Rubicon is seeking dynamic, cross-functional leaders capable of force multiplying local capacity and leading surge capacity. Leaders will work alongside a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes in communities around the world impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises. To be successful on this team, you must thrive in ambiguity and be able to live in environments without access to electricity or running water. You must feel as comfortable in disaster settings as you do briefing a host nation government or United Nations officials. 

We are actively recruiting:

  • Team Leaders/Assistant Team Leaders 
  • Medical Unit Leaders
  • Logistics 
  • WASH

To ensure Team Rubicon builds leadership to best serve communities, the Greyshirt application process for international leadership has been redesigned to align with the industry's best practices and standards. International Greyshirts are expected to comport with Team Rubicon’s commitment to the core humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence.  


During each application period, we will be selecting 20-25 candidates to move forward through the International Training and Selection Course (ITSC) for rostering as international leadership. 


We have moved the application for the International Leadership Team into Greenhouse to align with the resume and cover letter review process that we utilize for full time employees, field leadership (IMT) members, and specialized contractors.  

Once the application period is closed, TR leadership will review resumes and cover letters against the Job Description (JD) requirements. Those that most closely match the JD will be invited for a virtual interview. 


Candidates that successfully pass the interview stage will be invited to attend the International Training and Selection Course (ITSC). Only 20-25 candidates will be chosen to move to the ITSC. 


The International Training and Selection Course is a 5-day training and selection exercise designed to give hands-on experience with TR’s international operations. This will also test candidates' abilities to fill all international leadership roles while quickly adapting to mission requirements. Throughout the course, participants will be assessed on their ability to successfully use TR’s Emergency Medical Team (WHO-Verified EMT), WASH, and Communications/Tech equipment, while working closely with their team members in a simulated international disaster response. 

Rostering on the International Leadership Team is contingent upon successful completion of the ITSC. 

Biannual applications for international
volunteers are now open. Apply here.

Team Rubicon is a 501(c)(3)

EIN: 27-1720480