Strength in Numbers

NECHAMA's field operation specialist Mark McGilvery discusses all things teamwork during the flood recovery effort in Rock Rapids, Iowa.

In response to last month’s heavy rains throughout the Midwest, NECHAMA Jewish Response To Disaster deployed a flood response team to Rock Rapids, Iowa. Once boots were on the ground, it became quite apparent that there were more storm survivors in need than NECHAMA could respond to alone.

All the while, NECHAMA and Team Rubicon, its National VOAD partner and ally in disaster response, had been exchanging information and communicating on a daily basis leading up to the Iowa floods. Due to the seamless communication and collaboration between both organizations, an immediate and effective response was designed to team up and meet the needs of Rock Rapids together.

Team Rubicon Operation: Rock SteadyWhile each organization has a different back story for how they entered the disaster response arena, they share much in common. At the end of the day, both hold a core belief to bring as much relief as possible to those in a time of need, no questions asked.

In just a week’s time together here, over a dozen families have received immediate aid, bringing them another step closer towards recovery. It’s collaborative efforts like Operation: Rock Steady that have and will continue to change the world around us.


It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside the upstanding men and women of Team Rubicon and we look forward to the next opportunity to join forces once again.

The Best Beard In The Group, Mark McGilvery

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