Special Kind of Crazy

Jonah Thompson

Air Force veteran Chad Hargon answered the call to deploy on Operation: Saw Humbug immediately after Christmas.

As I sit in the warmth of my office with the annoying buzz of fluorescent lights above me, I can’t help but to think of my brothers and sisters back in Columbia, MS, finally able to get to work now that the weather has cleared a bit.

I’ve been with Team Rubicon for a little over a year now and have only deployed twice. Once in my hometown in good ol’ Monroe, LA, and now in Columbia, MS, and I can’t say I’ve ever met a better group of people, regardless of region, classification, or experience.


Every single member has one thing on their mind, to get out there and help, and I strive every day to be more like them. It takes a special kind of crazy to get out and do what these guys and gals do every mission, especially over holidays, and it is my goal to emulate that service-minded crazy.

The key aspect of TR to me that will always keep me coming back is when we first start Assessments. We are the first responders that people who just lived through possibly the worst experience of their life meet, and they want to thank us for being there. These great people, some of which have just lost everything, care only for making us feel welcome. That blows my mind every time, and I know it will continue to get to me from now on. I just can’t put into words how this feels, but it is truly amazing.


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