Seeker of Service

Born in Miami, raised on Paris Island, and forged with an American iron heart, I have always searched for an opportunity to serve. Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be in some sort of military, humanitarian, or support group. Hence why right after graduating high school, I decided to do something about that desire to be of service to my family and the country I love. Having already gone to the Marine recruiter months before graduation in 2002, I knew I’d taken the biggest and boldest steps of my young life. I was walking into a future that would give me purpose.

Despite the odds and some discouragement, I was standing firm in my decision to become one of the few and proud. My experiences would be a collection of some of the roughest, craziest, wonderful, painful and extraordinary times of my life. As an infantryman with Alpha Company Raiders, 1st, who helped pave the way for new tactics and techniques from fighting the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II. We are the “Water Dragons” of the USMC, taking the enemy by surprise from the shores and bodies of water that bridge the gap between our landscapes.


Although we witnessed sadness and brutality and gone through the guilt of knowing we had to take a life or two, our hearts stayed true. I remember only wanting peace after my time in service, even though at times I wanted to go back to the dry air, sand storms, and carrying the unbearable hours of missing loved ones. It took me a while to find new purpose – about six years – but I knew there had to be something I could have a reason to live for again. Then God brought me to Team Rubicon.


Purpose is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever known and continue to seek, as I am growing and endlessly progressing in becoming who I want to be. I am proud to say I’ve had tremendous support in getting to where I am today and could not be grateful enough. But with all I’ve endured and learned, I could not imagine ever wanting to go “back there” again. Finding TR has given me new life, along with new reasons to breathe, serve, and love doing all that I am good at. Even when my time here is done, I just pray I would have left such an amazing impact on those who I served and served with here.


I will forever continue giving back based on what TR’s given me: love, purpose, and the ability to accept all blessings that come into my life.

Semper Fi.

If you want to help give more veterans like Johnny another opportunity to serve, donate today.

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