Roku Launches 13-Episode Series “Team Rubicon”

Julie H. Case

Want to watch Greyshirts GSD on the big screen? Here’s how.

When streaming producer Roku drops its new series, “Team Rubicon,” this month, it will put disaster response in the spotlight like never before. Over the course of 13 episodes, Team Rubicon volunteers and “This Old House’s” Kevin O’Connor go deep into disaster zones to experience Greyshirt and survivor stories and discover the impact Greyshirts have in the communities they serve. 

The series launches on May 25, with all episodes available to binge for free on The Roku Channel.

Here’s how to watch “Team Rubicon” on Roku. 

Attend a “Team Rubicon” Screening in a Theater

Team Rubicon is hosting special in-theater screenings just for Greyshirts in six cities across the U.S. on Thursday, May 25:

  • Los Angeles, CA: 7 p.m. at Cinemark 18 & XD
  • Denver, CO: 7 p.m. at Century 16 Bel Mar and XD
  • Dallas, TX: 7 p.m. at Cinemark North East Mall 18 and XD
  • Houston, TX: 6:30 p.m. at Cinemark Memorial City
  • Chicago, IL: 7 p.m. at Cinemark at Seven Bridge
  • Washington, D.C. in Fairfax, VA: 7 p.m. at Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD

To attend one of these screenings, click on the link. To find a local watch party in another city, go to Roll Call, navigate to the calendar, and filter for “Roku,” then sign up to attend.

Tee Up Roku on Any Device and Binge “Team Rubicon” at Home

With all 13 episodes of Roku’s new series dropping May 25, home viewers can binge them all at once or parcel them out over many weeks. Regardless of how you choose to consume, though, every episode is free.

Whether you have a smart TV or just a trusty smartphone, Roku Originals—like “Team Rubicon”—are free to watch everywhere The Roku Channel is available: on Roku TVs and Roku streaming players, on The Roku Channel mobile app, on Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TVs, and via the web on The Roku Channel.

How to Watch “Team Rubicon” On a Laptop or Via the Web

To ensure you and your TRibe can watch every episode of “Team Rubicon,” go to to sign up for a Roku account. Then, tune into to watch the first—or every—episode of “Team Rubicon” Thursday, May 25.

How to Watch Roku’s Series on a Smart TV or Streaming Player

To watch Greyshirts getting sawing done, sign into your Roku account on your smart TV or via a streaming player such as Roku smart stick, then navigate to Roku Originals and search for Team Rubicon. You can even save it to your favorites list. 

How to Watch Greyshirts GSD On Mobile

Headed downrange but don’t want to miss a single episode of Roku’s “Team Rubicon”? To watch on mobile visit the online App Store to download the Roku mobile app for iOS or the online Google Play store to download the Roku mobile app for Android. Then, sign into your Roku device and search for “Team Rubicon” to stream the new show. 

Here’s more on how to watch Roku Originals for free—only on The Roku Channel. 

How to Get the Word Out to Your TRibe

Not in one of the watch-party cities, but want to put all the local Greyshirts in your area on blast that you’re hosting an unofficial watch party site at home? Navigate to your local Greyshirt groups on Facebook and send the word that you’re hosting your very own watch-party. Maybe just tell them the only kind of cookies you want are made without sawdust. 

Whether you’re watching at a theater, in the comfort of your own home, or from the back row of a work truck, you’ll want to tune in for every episode to see if you can spot some familiar faces. And, if you’re sharing photos from a watch party, be sure to tag #TeamRubiconRoku.

Spread the Word

Communities around the world need Team Rubicon’s support now more than ever before. Help up amplify this show and Team Rubicon mission by re-sharing our social posts with your networks. You can engage with posts about the series on the Team Rubicon national pages @TeamRubicon. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Watch the “Team Rubicon” Trailer:

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