Rock-Steady Love

Daniel Dees

After mucking out flooded homes and salvaging a once lost wedding ring for a homeowner in Rock Rapids, Iowa, Army veteran Daniel Dees got comfy on one knee and asked Amanda Holtz to be his wife.

As we tore down drywall and cabinets in a flooded home in Rock Rapids, Iowa, I found a wedding ring that was left behind on a kitchen shelf. I realized it could’ve been lost forever in the piles of debris. When I presented it to the homeowner, she was in tears. She had taken it off to do dishes some time ago and thought she had lost it forever. Seeing her joy brought tears to my eyes.

Later, we found a sign on the wall that read, “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful,” and we decided to save it and give it to the family. That quote really struck a chord with me because disasters happen every day. You can lose everything you own, but as long as you have the ones you love close to you, you can get through anything.

Team Rubicon Operation: Rock Steady

I was honored to introduce my Team Rubicon family to my fiancé Amanda, and that’s why I decided to ask her to marry me on Operation: Rock Steady. She has been there for me through thick and thin, so the name of the operation seemed to fit the sentiment of the day. Working together here has been a real bonding experience for us because she saw the light in me come out. To be able to share what I love to do with the love of my life means everything to me.

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