Readying Resources for Likely Dorian Response

Tropical Storm Dorian has been forecasted to make landfall as a category 3 Hurricane along the southeastern coast of the United States, as of August 28. Over the course of this week, intensity projections of Dorian have fluctuated.

“Team Rubicon was founded on a bias for action—the unpredictable patterns that Dorian is showing just means we need to remain versatile, and our teams are ready to lean in and provide relief to those affected across the southeast,” said Team Rubicon Director of Field Operations, Zach Brooks-Miller

Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center (NOC) has been closely monitoring the storm to see where TR can strategically pre-stage personnel, tech, assets, and resources to possible affected areas. Teams at the NOC have issued requests for additional personnel to ensure the rapid response has robust support as they await the next batch of storm updates.


The predicted path of Dorian as of August 28 at 10:00am CDT from Baron: Critical Weather Intelligence. In addition to the coastal United States, Team Rubicon’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is monitoring the Caribbean in Dorian’s path and will have eyes on the region, searching for unmet needs that TR could fill.


In wind-driven disasters like hurricanes, route clearance is a crucial part of the initial response and the road to recovery. As such, Team Rubicon is also pre-staging a route clearance package capable of responding from North Carolina down to the southern tip of Florida. At the request of local communities impacted by Hurricane Dorian, TR’s route clearance team will move in quickly and clear roads for first responders, other response agencies on the ground, and citizens that live in the area.

This capability is designed to decrease isolation from food and water, increase accessibility for those providing relief to impacted communities, and to keep access open to public evacuation centers and disaster shelters.

Dorian is the fourth named Hurricane of the 2019 season.

As Dorian evolves and moves toward the southeastern U.S. coastline, get updates on our operations by following Team Rubicon on Twitter.


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