Presidents’ Day Weekend: A Call to Serve

It is time to take Presidents’ Day weekend back from retail gimmicks and overpriced family vacations. Ok, we’re not boycotting family vacations, but we challenge you to identify ways you can give back this weekend. For those of us who don’t get Monday off, use this as an opportunity to learn how you can serve on your next extended weekend.

Before we dive into how you can spend this three-day weekend, let’s take a step back and reflect on why we observe this holiday. First, is it President’s Day or Presidents’ Day? That’s a trick question. You can use either, depending on who you’re celebrating. If you want to commemorate George Washington’s birthday, it would be President’s Day. If you want to honor more than one president, roll with Presidents’ Day. With all the support we’ve received from a handful of those who’ve held the highest office, Team Rubicon’s tossing that apostrophe on the end.



Now that we have that ironed out, we’re asking you to join TR in our commitment to service. Service above self is the driving force behind what we do, so follow suit, get off your phone (unless you’re currently on mobile, in which case we welcome you to finish this blog post) and step into the arena. Here’s how can you get involved:

  1. Volunteer at a service project: While Team Rubicon is known for disaster response, there are other opportunities to take part in service projects that offer expedient home repair or a Habitat for Humanity home build. And don’t restrict your sights on just our organization, though. Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood and find a mission and role that works with your pace and priorities.
  2. Attend a training event: Team Rubicon offers disaster response training opportunities to teach and hone skills in the field. In-person courses like Core Operations, Sawyer Training, and Deployment Readiness will empower any Greyshirt to help us get the job done. Start by signing up to volunteer and select “Get Involved” to learn what’s happening near you.
  3. Apply to join Cohort 7 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program: Team Rubicon’s CHFP application is only open to veteran volunteers and applications close on Monday, Feb 19. If not this round, we’ll catch you on the next on
  4. Spread the TR gospel and recruit a friend: Team Rubicon stands at 75,000 volunteers strong, and the more men and women we recruit, train, and deploy to serve, the more resilient our communities will become.

What better way to spend the weekend than by sweating alongside your fellow Team Rubicon volunteers or gaining some new skills? See you out there.

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