Operation Update

Team Rubicon is currently responding to and preparing for a variety of disasters across the country.

Team Rubicon members are responding to a variety of disasters in 2016. Currently, a team just wrapped up a flood response in the St. Louis area, others are joining the recovery efforts in Michigan after a federal state of emergency was declared due to water contamination, and our D.C. area members served those impacted by Winter Storm Jonas.

Operation: Factory One in Flint, MI

Just before the weekend, Region V launched a response in Michigan after a federal state of emergency was declared due to water contamination in Genesee County and surrounding areas. Members will be partnering with the American Red Cross to provide affected residents with access to potable water, filter, testing kits, and educational materials.


Operation: Potomac Panda in Washington D.C.

The Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs reached out to Team Rubicon to provide additional volunteers to the efforts of the Office of Volunteerism in digging out residences of the elderly, disabled, and those in need of assistance. Region III launched Operation: Potomac Panda on Sunday, a one-day response, to assist winter cleanup effort.  

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Operation: Ugly Water in Arnold, Missouri

Since Jan. 11, Region VII has been on the ground in the St. Louis area providing flood relief after steady rains inundated the area this last month. The operation wrapped up on Saturday after 51 members logged over 3,200 hours in the field. Remaining requests for assistance were turned over to our partners at Americorps.


We’re honored to have this chance to serve our communities and will continue to provide updates of our efforts.

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