Introducing Our Ten Year Anniversary Logo

This January, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Team Rubicon. In the wake of that fateful earthquake in Haiti, a small group of individuals decided the worst thing they could do was stay home and watch the devastation unfold. To them, inaction was not an option.

In the years to follow, that same ethos has resonated with more than 110,000 veterans, first responders, and skilled civilians all committed to service and determined to help when called, no matter what obstacles or challenges lay ahead.

A Decade of Service and Grit

Since our founding in 2010, some things have changed. The services we provide; the speed at which we respond to disaster and human suffering. Where we once charged headfirst into uncertainty, we now take a slightly more calculated and planned approach, ensuring we’re having the greatest impact and collaborating with all members of the communities we serve. But foundationally, who we are and what we stand for has remained constant.

As we look to celebrate our first decade throughout 2020, we wanted to distill the core aspects of Team Rubicon: servicewith and forothers, and grit, an indomitable commitment to the mission. These fundamentals have built Team Rubicon into the organization it is today and will continue to carry us forward into the next 100 years.

As our brand, our goal has always been to give an honest and transparent look into a disaster zone. To show our donors and supporters exactly what their support provides for survivors and to share the stories of exactly why it is so important for our volunteers to be trained and ready. We wanted to create a small mark we could easily apply to our communications and imagery that would not overshadow the subject or story. So, we designed a “tag” that feels familiar yet unique within our brand system, highlighting our iconic X and a clear callout to our tenth year.

Look for the Ten Year tag on any content that highlights our history and accomplishments from the past decade. But know that this year is not a victory lap for us: We remain as committed as ever to innovation and serving whenever and wherever Team Rubicon is needed.

Thanks for being on the Team.

Special thanks to TR’s Creative Team – Carly Reeves, Paddy O’Neill, and Christian Schulz for developing our Ten Year Anniversary identity.

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