Hop on the Mobile Training Center

Jerome Deniz

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, what in the world is that massive billboard on wheels called the “Mobile Training Center,” and how can I check it out?

For the uninitiated, the MTC, as it’s lovingly called, has been on the road doling out training and hosting Team Rubicon socials all over the U.S. since January 2017. The MTC, at its core, is a training platform on wheels. Its purpose is to deliver training courses to TR volunteers all over the country while simultaneously increasing public awareness of our mission to rapidly deploy disaster response teams to areas affected by natural disasters.



Thanks to our generous partners at Travelers and the Cacioppo Foundation of Arizona, the MTC is powered by a Ford F-450 that hauls a 43’ long fifth-wheel toy hauler that gives us the ability to teach everything from chainsaw operations, damage assessments, to our very own Core Operations training. The MTC instructors are always prepared to drop knowledge in every city we visit and are eager to try out the local cuisine.



What does this mean for you? This means as a TR volunteer when you sign up to attend an MTC event in Roll Call, you’re in for one epic TRaining experience. By the end of the weekend, you’ll be ready to kick disaster ass at a moments notice. Your resume will be able to state awesome facts like expert mud-slinger, damage assessment guru, and the ultimate boss of roof tarping.

To top it all off, you get to leave with pretty dope swag; you might just make few new friends along the way. So the next time the MTC comes to your hood come on down, spread the word on social media, and be ready to learn all the things!

Keep an eye on social media for #TrainingWheels.

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