Helping a Texan Recover and Reunite with Family

Celestino is one of thousands of Texas residents impacted by Harvey. Get his story.

Meet Celestino. He’s had this house in his family for years. While it’s labeled as his “fishing hut,” this place has been so much more than that — it has been his retreat and weekend refuge to spend time with his sons.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey’s destruction didn’t bypass homes with memories, and the restoration process will be a long and difficult one.

When we met him, Celestino had been working to clean up the extensive roof, debris, and tree damage for four days. He didn’t have long because he needed to return home to be with his daughter in Oklahoma who was experiencing complications with her health. 

Team Rubicon volunteers stepped in to get the job done efficiently so he could return to his family. In the end, these Greyshirts spared him three days of work that could instead be spent with his daughter.

Sweet and determined are just two of the many attributes this man possesses. This is why we do what we do, to help people like this.

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