Gratitude is Always Trending

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, we deploy a skilled, savvy crew of military veterans and first responders to get dirty and help our neighbors recover ASAP.

Equally critical to those in the field are the financial supporters at home. Without their contributions, devastated communities wouldn’t benefit from our services and our members wouldn’t get those chances to serve again. Every supporter, whether they give TR their time, smarts, tweets, or dollars, is a member of TR Nation, and we are committed to personally thanking those who believe in the mission.

During Operation: Seabird, Region 10 hosted several donor engagement events in Portland, Oreg. in which 2,164 personal thank you notes were signed and 1,241 calls were made to our supporters. The extra step to thank donors didn’t go unnoticed. Just check out this note Ellen dropped on our Facebook page back in November:

seabird-02-03 14.51.43

These events also allow our members who aren’t deployed on an operation to help with the effort and create opportunities for non-veterans to get involved with TR. Ashley Slover of Chicago, Ill. started volunteering with TR after Hurricane Sandy and has made more than 150 calls in the last year.

“I have a brother in the Army Reserves and another  in the Police Force, and I wanted to do more than just make a donation so I reached out to volunteer my time with TR,” said Slover. “I was a little nervous about making the calls at first, but the more people I contacted, the more positive feedback I heard. Almost every donor I spoke with wanted to tell their story about how Team Rubicon has made an impact in their lives and why they were proud to donate.”

Nov 2013 Follow up call

Our commitment to our donors goes beyond the support we receive for our disaster response operations. We personally thanked those whose holiday season improved after purchasing a Box of Awesomeness. Check out Heather’s response:

Screenshot 2014-02-03 14.51.43

Hey Heather, we meant every word and plan to keep the awesomeness coming thanks to kind folks like you.

Written by Region 10 communications manager Sarah Nanbu

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